The lost mines of Phandelver: Session 1


Session 1


Chris Tomkins    –              Dwarf Cleric                       –              Faxii Rockseeker

David Jackman  –              Halfling Rogue                    –              Perrin Tealeaf

Danny Lock         –              Dragonborn Sorcerer       –              Ah Do Rah

Kerry Jackman   –              High Elf Wizard                 –           Caliendria Moonwhisper (Cali)

Mark Ayers         –              Human Fighter                  –              Braêgan Doomwind

Shaun Vye          –              Human Fighter                   –              Ravenclaw Moist

Story – Backstory

The adventurers arrive at the ‘Blazing Hogs Head’ tavern in the city of ‘Neverwinter’ in the late evening, after each received a letter from a Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker with an offer of employment, they shall escort a wagon of provisions from ‘Neverwinter’ to the town of ‘Phandalin’. Each has been associated with Gundren in the past, his offer of 10 gold coins for the task seems reasonable.

They are greeted at the Tavern by a human named Sildar Hallwinter, who explains he too is employed by Gundren, Sildar points each adventurer at a table in the Tavern where they can meet and introduce themselves to the others Gundren has hired. Sildar informs each of them that the wagon will depart at dawn, and that individual rooms have been both secured and paid for by Gundren for them in the Tavern.

Tavern meet & greet

Each of the adventurers introduces themselves to the others, Ah Do Rah states “Do not presume that I trust any of you”, Perrin replies “Good, I don’t care”. As a group, they decide to retire for the evening, with the exception of Perrin, who remains at the bar, drinking until the early hours; before finally passing out on his stool.

The party rises at dawn and congregate in the common room of the Tavern, finding Perrin slumped over the bar, reeking of alcohol. The party’s attempts to rouse Perrin from his slumber fail until Faxii casts the spell Create Water above Perrin, causing a large orb of water to appear above the Halfling, the orb collapses to the ground as it is compelled by gravity, soaking Perrin. The cold shock from the water forces the Halfling to sit bolt upright, alert and irate.

Meeting at the wagon                   (Day:1 – Time: 06:30)

As the party discusses the day ahead, Sildar storms into the Tavern and gruffly tells the party to assemble at the wagon, the adventurers do so. Once at the wagon Gundren explains that he and Sildar will be travelling on ahead, that Phandalin is approximately a day’s ride South east. Gundren and Sildar then depart South along the High Road.

Departing Neverwinter

The party decides that Faxii shall drive the wagon with the party providing cover, and set off at walking pace. The party has been on the Triboar Trail for around half a day (time 12:00) when they see 2 dead horses blocking the road, the woods press close to the trail and there are steep embankments on each side.

Goblin Ambush

The Goblin ambush

The party suggest that Ah Do Rah takes flight and scouts the area, he proceeds to do so, attempting to fly a quick, low circle, clockwise over the forest. An arrow breaks from the trees hitting Ah Do Rah knocking him out of the air approximately 50ft North East of the parties position, as Ah Do Rah falls he sees 2 Goblins. 1 of the Goblins, armed with a scimitar and shield rushes the downed Ah Do Rah and attempts to strike, Ah Do Rah parries the blow as he recovers.

Perrin moves East along the path to gain vision on the Goblin which has charged Ah Do Rah and fires a shot from his short bow, the shot wounds the creature.

Braêgan moves to the North East coming up behind Ah Do Rah, he hurls a Javelin at the nearby Goblin, however in his haste he fumbles the throw, and instead hits Ah Do Rah.

Cali moves North into the thicket, spotting a second Goblin, armed with a short bow . she raises her hand and unleashes a Ray of Frost at the creature, unable to avoid the attack the Goblin is hit hard on the shoulder.

Faxii leaps from the wagon moving North East into the brush then casts Thaumaturgy and shouts with a booming voice “Begone!”. The nearest Goblin stumbles back in bewilderment.

Ravenclaw rushes East to the downed horses and uses 1 for cover, she does not see any threats in the southern embankment. She fires a shot at the Goblin nearest Ah Do Rah bringing it low.

From the southern Embankment 4 Goblins burst forth, A Goblin who appears to be in charge and armed with a scimitar and shield moves down the embankment. The Goblin attacks Ravenclaw, missing with the first strike but landing the second.

The second Goblin also armed with a scimitar and shield moves down the embankment and attacks Ravenclaw striking hard into her side.

The third Goblin, armed with a short bow, moves to the edge of the embankment and fires at Perrin. The shot falls short and strikes the ground inches away from Perrins toes.

The final Goblin, armed with a short bow, steps out of the southern brush and fires at Ravenclaw. The arrow drives through her left shoulder, she pirouettes to the ground.

Ah Do Rah moves toward the smaller Goblin attacking Ravenclaw, the Goblin blocks the blow from his main hand using its shield, but is caught off-guard by the second dagger which plunges into its side. The Goblins innards spill out as falls, the dagger slicing it open with little resistance.

The Goblin to the far North east steps forward and unleashes an arrow at Cali, she reacts and casts Shield on herself, the shot finds its mark hitting Cali in the shoulder.

Perrin reloads his short bow and fires 2 shots, one at the Goblin between himself and the downed Ravenclaw which penetrates the side of its chest; it stumbles sideways, knocking its leader over the downed horse on the ground (Knocked Prone). The second shot returns fire at the nearest Goblin on the embankment, the arrow strikes the Goblin between the eyes, killing it outright and knocking it off its feet.

Braêgan charges towards the prone Goblin leader bringing his great axe thundering down, the Goblin attempts to block but is overpowered by crushing blow.

Cali moves East through the foliage, drawing upon her well of knowledge, she unleashes 2 magic missiles at the prone Goblin Leader, both connect; the light extinguishes in the creatures eyes as it collapses. The third missile is fired at the distant North Eastern Goblin but tracks wide.

Faxii moves towards the final Goblin on the southern embankment, the Dwarf casts Cure Wounds on Ah Do Rah healing him, then focuses intently on the Goblin. Using Sacred Flame the Dwarf brings a wave of flame crashing down on the Goblin, incinerating the creature.

The Goblin to the far North east, seeing his friends fallen, dashes towards the North West brush, as he bursts through the bushes Cali momentarily observes a well-trodden path on the other side before the bushes snap back into place.

Ambush Aftermath

The party searches the area, they find the horses saddlebags looted, a small distance away they locate an empty map case. The saddlebags on 1 horse, and the map case, bare the sigil of Gundren Rockseeker.

Perrin is tasked with investigating the path observed by Cali, he follows the path around 60ft until he is satisfied the Goblin is gone and the threat has relented. Ah Do Rah offers to strike Faxii with the unconscious body of Ravenclaw.

The party decides to take a short rest (4 hours) to allow Ravenclaw to regain consciousness. Cali treats her wounds (Hit Die used +1 HP).

After resting Perrin and Ravenclaw retrieve as many of the arrows they used as possible. Ravenclaw feels refreshed catching a Second Wind (+8HP).

The party decides to tie the oxen and wagon to a nearby tree and follow the path the Goblin retreated along. (time 16:00)

The Goblin trail

The party heads off down the trail in order:

Faxii – Braêgan – Ravenclaw – Ah Do Rah – Cali – Perrin

About 10 minutes down the trail Faxii encounters a snare trap, whilst pondering how to handle the situation Braêgan steps forward and strikes the rope with his axe; a nearby tree being used as the snares engine springs upright as the remainder of the rope falls impotently to the ground.

The group travels a further 15 minutes before Faxii stumbles onto a hidden pit, with keen eyes spotting the unnatural ground, the Dwarf pulls back the final step at the last moment. The ground feels soft, yearning to give way.

  • Faced with the obstacle Faxii and Braêgan trace the trap to the edge of the path and carefully walk around it.
  • With a short run Ravenclaw leaps across the pit with ease, gracefully landing on the far side.
  • Ah Do Rah heaves himself into the air with his wings, casually flying across before gently landing on the other side.
  • Cali and Perrin saunter around the pit.

Entrance to Cragmaw Hideout

The party approaches a small cliff with a cave set into the wall, a river flows from the cave encompassing the entire mouth of the cave, it is shallow (less than 2ft).

Cragmore Hideout - Outside

Approaching the entrance

The party requests Perrin sneak up to the mouth of the cave to observe the lay of the land, complying, Perrin moves forward and presses himself against the rocky hillside, he observes a recess on the other side of the river which turns away, running parallel to the river and the area he has just moved through.

Returning to the group Perrin explains “There’s a clearing in the woods”, Faxii asks “What about the cave?”, Perrin offers nothing but a blank stare. “Get back over there you lazy halfwit!” moans Faxii, motioning towards the cave, with a look of disgust, Perrin moves back towards the cave.

Once again, arriving to the cave, Perrin peers inside, after surveying the scene the Halfling rejoins the group, reporting “Yep, it’s a cave with a bit of river”. The exasperated Faxii growls “Fine, I’ll look!”, the Dwarf stamps furiously over to the cave, muttering “Curse this drunken hobbit…thing”.

Cragmore Hideout - Entrance

After peering inside, Faxii beckons the rest of the party to gather at the entrance, the Dwarf informs them of what is inside, the party debates whether to proceed inside the cave or investigate the recess in the forest on the far side of the river. Perrin takes the initiative and stealthily cross the river, he observes 3 Goblins with their backs to him, they appear to be playing dice. Perrin signals to the party the 3 Goblins are there and his intent to attack them.

Faxii remains steadfast in desire to enter the cave, however Braêgan and Cali decide to follow Perrin. As Braêgan moves into position he disturbs one of the Goblins (1), after looking around the Goblin continues with his game. Cali crosses the river and approaches cracking a twig on the ground, the previously alerted Goblin (1) moves away from the game to investigate the sound.

Cragmaw Glade

Perrin rushes out into the open and fires a shot at the Goblin closest the river. It strikes the goblin in the back of the skull killing it outright.

Ah Do Rah considers his options, realising he cannot possible reach the battle from the far side of the river, he first offers to bludgeon Faxii with Ravenclaw, then crosses the river moving to the Cliffside beside the cave entrance to keep watch.

Faxii moves across the river and rounds the corner into the glade, after accessing the situation, flicks a hand through the air casting Thaumaturgy, creating a large crash in the forest behind the glade; incredibly, both Goblins turn to look in the direction.

Braêgan charges round the trees, into the glade, seeing the previously approaching Goblin with is back now to him. He swings his great axe without hesitation, bringing it down on the Goblin, cleaving it in 2. The Goblin peels apart head to toe, like the pages of a book collapsing open on a desk.

Cali follows Braêgans charge around the corner, raising her hand to unleash a Ray of Frost. As she does so, she trips and loses her focus, the spell dissipates in her hand before it has completed.

Less focused on the task at hand, and more on the bow in hers, Ravenclaw draws the weapon, unleashing a devastating shot at a trout in the river. The arrow easily spears the fish and both bob to the surface. Satisfied with a job well done, Ravenclaw retrieves the arrow with the fish still impaled.

The remaining Goblin spins around, realising the only escape route is blocked by the 4 party members it backs up to the edge of the forest, raising a sword and shield defensively with a look of wide eyed terror.

Perrin swaggers towards the Goblin and casually raises his short bow, releasing the knocked arrow at the Goblins head. Although frozen with fear, the Goblins instincts kick in, his arm raising the shield to deflect the arrow. Perrin murmuringly begs “Someone save me”.

Ah Do Rah crosses back to the east  side of the river, he swaps his offhand dagger for a torch and prepares to light it. He hears sounds of growls and barks coming from inside.

Overcome by the Goblins terror and the continued attacks of Perrin, Faxii charges the Goblin, throwing both shield and Warhammer aside and pounces in an attempt to grapple the Goblin. The Goblin steps back swinging the shield overhead catching Faxii with the trailing edge, the blow knocks Faxii backwards.

Braêgan strides through the field towards the Goblin, seeing the Goblins shield behind its head, he swings his great axe around his own, bringing the weapon down at a 45 degree angle. The blow strikes the Goblin at the base of the neck, splitting him in 2 from the force, the top half slides away landing on the floor with the force causing the neck to tear away from the remaining shoulder. The head rolls across the ground, the still vertical legs remain standing rigid for a few moments, before they too buckle at the knees and collapse.

The calm before the storm

The party hurriedly searches the glade finding only equipment that is in even worse condition than the Goblins at the road.

Faxii picks up the Goblins head which rolled over and lays by a foot, then slowly follows the others whilst rubbing its forehead sobbing “I’m sorry Jerry, I’m so sorry they did this”.

The party hears the loud growls and barking coming from within.

Ah Do Rah lights his torch, undeterred by the sounds coming from within boldly strides into the cave and stops by the wall near the passage on the right and peers around the corner. He sees 5 wolves chained to the wall, all growling and barking louder than before whilst pulling hard against the chains on the wall. Dodging back he hears the sound of rocks falling, he quickly returns to the cave entrance and informs the rest of the party what he has seen.

Cragmore Hideout - Kennel + Players

As the party discusses the course of action they should take a Goblin emerges from the wolf kennel, the party is surprised by the Goblin, both Ravenclaw and the Goblin are surprised by one another, the Goblin turns and attempts to flee up the river deeper into the cave.

Wolf Kennel and the fleeing Goblin

Ravenclaw surprises the Goblin and fires his bow at the fleeing Goblin, the arrow flies true and strikes the Goblin below the left shoulder, the Goblin staggers but stays on its fleet.

The Goblin surprises the party and retreats, sprinting, into the cave and out of sight.

Cali charges into the cave pressing against the wall by the Wolf Kennel, with a flick of her wrist she unleash a Ray of Frost at the wolf chained to the back wall. The spell beam strikes the wolf, freezing the fur on its lower half. The wolf breaks free of its chains; metal and ice shower the room.

Ravenclaw moves quickly into the cave positioning herself by the cave wall, opposite the Wolf Kennel. She pulls the trout previously killed in the river from her bag and tosses it to the north side wall of the Wolf Kennel.

The free wolf runs to the fish and begins tearing at its flesh. The other wolfs become frenzied, pulling harder on their chains in an attempt to reach fish. The pinions holding wolf and wolf begin to lose their hold on the wall.

Perrin charges into the cave, pressing against the North wall by the Kennel entrance, he fires at the free wolf. The arrow strikes the wolf’s temple lodging in its brain. The wolf collapses, with mighty heaves the wolf at the back of the chamber and the one in the corner pull the pinions binding their chains from the wall.

Ah Do Rah arrives at the entrance to the Kennel, grabbing Cali he flings her out of the way and steps into the spot she previously occupied. Inhaling deeply the sound of liquid gurgling emanates from his midriff, a faint red glow can be seen rising from his torso up to his head, as he opens his mouth flames spray across the southern wall of the Kennel. The inferno rips along the wall as the 2 nearest wolves and most distant dodge towards the centre of the room, they are seared by the torrent of fire moving by them. The wolf in the corner fails to see the threat until too late, it is engulfed in flames the animals entire coat being set alight.

Faxii rushes into the cave, barges past Ah Do Rah, arriving on the frontline still holding the head of Jeff the Goblin in both hands.

Braêgan breaks into a sprint. Chasing the Goblin towards the back of the cave, as he reaches the bend in the river he observes that the river is flowing downhill, he is also able to hear the sound of Goblins coming from above. A large crash is heard by Braêgan from further within the cave.

The 2 furthest wolves break free of their moorings.

Cali utters “I could really do with Magic Missiles about now” before thrusting her arm forward to cast Ray of Frost at the most northern wolf. The beam is dodged by the wolf. The crash from higher in the Goblin cave is heard by the party. A second, much larger boom is heard by Braêgan.

Ravenclaw squeezes herself against the north wall of the Kennel entrance and release a shot at the most northern wolf, the creature attempts to dodge but is caught in the chest by the arrow it rears back and collapses.

Perrin fires at the most northern wolf. His shot strikes the beasts right shoulder.

The Northern wolf lurches at Faxii who evades, however the wolf bites down on the head of Jimmy the Goblin, tearing it from the Dwarfs hands. The southern wolf immediately strikes at Faxii and sinks its teeth into Faxiis left arm and pulls down, in a contest of strength Faxii pulls the arm back wrenching it from the beast’s maw. The furthest wolf runs around frantically toward the rear of the cave as it continues to be consumed by flame.

Upon hearing the noise from further in the cave, Ah Do Rah bravely retreats to the cave entrance, rounding the corner and bracing himself against the western cliff face. The second large boom is heard by those at the Wolf Kennel.

Faxii draws a shield and Warhammer, preparing to defend against further attacks.

Braêgan, hearing the thunderous sound of water sprints past the Wolf Kennel at full speed, screaming “LEG IT!!!!” charging out of the cave system and bracing himself against the eastern cliff face.

Cali rapidly follows Braêgan to the cave entrance, pressing to the wall behind him. Those at the Wolf Kennel hear the sound of raging water from further in the cavern, the water beneath their feet begins to swell.

Ravenclaw shoves Faxii into the wolves, knocking the Dwarf prone, then sprints for the cave entrance and takes up position behind Ah Do Rah on the western bank.

Upon seeing a wall of water approaching, Perrin sprints after the fleeing Ravenclaw, following her onto the western riverbank.

The northern wolf shakes the head of Jaden the Goblin violently. The southern Wolf attempts to bite Faxii, only finding the Dwarfs shield. The wolf engulfed in flames collapses, clearly exhausted by the act of trying to extinguish the flames it is engulfed in. The creature still breathes, but no longer moves.

Faxii stands up after being knocked down by Ravenclaw, disengages from the nearby wolf and barges past it, moving with haste towards the vertical rock shaft at the rear of the chamber, making it within 5ft of the shaft.

Wash out

A torrent of water completely engulfs the tunnel, simultaneously crashing into the Wolf Kennel, knocking all those inside off their feet, and out the cave entrance, spraying those outside with water. Ah Do Rah’s torch is extinguished.

Faxii and the wolves are dragged around the inside of the Wolf Kennel like eggs in a mixing bowl. Through either luck or the will of a deity, every time Faxii strikes a hard surface it is against armour, sustaining minimal injury.

The wolves are not as fortunate, each impact meeting flesh and bone.

1 wolf is badly injured, sprawled on the floor with 2 broken legs; it is still alive but has no will to fight.

The second wolf has died from a combination of its previous injuries and a large head wound from one of the chambers rocks.

The flame of the wolf previously on fire has finally been extinguished, along with its life.

If at first you don’t succeed

The party outside the cave re-enters moving to the entrance of the Wolf Kennel, seeing them arrive, Faxii immediately attempts to grapple the remaining helpless wolf to shield it from the party. The Dwarf lacks the strength to hold the creature, and is thrown off. Perrin finishes the wolf with a well-placed shot to the head.

The group hears the chatter of Goblins coming from upstream and immediately discuss strategy.

Faxii searches the chamber eventually finding the destroyed head of a Goblin, the face unidentifiable from blunt trauma; Faxii collects the head, stands up clutching it tightly whispering “It’s ok Jack, Faxxis got you”.

The party, finally deciding on a strategy, decide to hide in the Wolf Kennel. moving as one they enter the chamber, except for Cali, who dashes to the cave entrance. As the party get into position within the Kennel, Cali hides by the cave entrance. The party attempt to signal Cali to quickly join them, she signals back, Perrin interprets with a look of confusion “She said something about running and hiding with a Kraken?”.

Ah Do Rah puts his sodden torch away and draws a dagger.

The sound of Goblins grows louder and 3 come into view, 1 in front of the others, walking past the entrance of the Kennel, moving towards the cave exit. The lead Goblin appears to be the one which ran up the river earlier.

Cali mutters under her breath “I should have gone back to the bloody wagon”.


Less than thorough scouting

Ah Do Rah rapidly moves from the chamber into the tunnel, stopping in the middle of the 3 Goblins. He swings his main hand dagger into the closest of the rear Goblins, the blade penetrates the side of the Goblins head, pinning it to the cave wall. He then swings his offhand dagger at the lead Goblin; the dagger slices the Goblins throat with enough force to decapitate it.

Cali steps out into the entrance of the tunnel, her arm extends, and with it a Ray of Frost streaks from her hand at the final Goblin. The beam hits the Goblin centre mass, carving a hole straight through it and strikes the water further upstream; creating a small patch of ice. The Goblins eyes roll backwards, as does his body, landing in the water and beginning to gently bob downstream.


Let sleeping wolf killers lie

(Day: 1 – Time: 17:00)

The party searches the Wolf Kennel and Goblins but finds nothing of value.

Braêgan informs the party of the bridge he saw further upstream and that the river moves around to the right with a rocky outcrop which could be used as a path on the right hand side.

Cragmore Hideout - After Marks Charge Upstream

They decide to retreat to the glade, believing it to be a defensible position, and setup camp for the night. The party tends wounds, eats fish caught from the stream by Ravenclaw. As the sun sets the group gets some sleep, with the exception of Perrin, who spends the night drinking a flask of Ale he siphoned from a keg on the wagon. The party takes it in turns to stand watch, it is an uneventful night. The party awake at dawn the following day, they find the heavily intoxicated Perrin unconscious by a tree.

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