The lost mines of Phandelver: Session 4


Session 4


Chris Tomkins    –              Dwarf Cleric                       –              Faxii Rockseeker

David Jackman  –              Halfling Rogue                    –              Perrin Tealeaf

Danny Lock         –              Dragonborn Sorcerer       –              Ah Do Rah

Kerry Jackman   –              High Elf Wizard                 –           Caliendria Moonwhisper (Cali)

Mark Ayers         –              Human Fighter                  –              Braêgan Doomwind

Shaun Vye          –              Human Fighter                   –              Ravenclaw Moist


The streets run red          (Day:4 – Time: 06:30)

As the party awakens they convene in the public area of the Inn, Perrin admits a secret to the party, that he is an ex member of the Redbrand’s “I was framed for a crime I didn’t commit, they wanted me dead so I fled. I want them all dead, The one who set me up, Glasstaff, maybe the whole gang!”.

Perrin advises the group that when he was last with the Redbrand’s they were far smaller than they are now, and that the gang of thugs he fled never had the numbers to take control of a town the size of Phandalin.

Armed with this information the group sets out to speak with Halia at the miners exchange, to confirm their interest in aiding her; and to find out what is in it for them. On their way the party is accosted by 5 Redbrand’s, the group’s leader seems focused on Perrin, Ah Do Rah and Braêgan try to prevent the group from seeing Perrin. The group is able to distract the Redbrand’s leader enough that he loses focus on Perrin, and pay the groups “Toll” in an attempt to swiftly resolve the matter. Their submissive behaviour works, and the party is allowed to continue.

The group makes its way to the Miners Exchange, before entering they see several Redbrand’s stopping a trio of people entering the town. After entering the exchange and waiting a brief while, the band are able to speak with Halia. They inform her of their intent to help, and request details of the compensation she promised, Halia offers 20g to each of them if they are able to run the group out of town; and keep her name out of it.

Looking for more information, the group decides to head to the Lionshield Coster and speak to Linene Graywind again. As they leave the Miners Exchange they see the group of Redbrand’s who were shaking down the trio entering town, their victims lie prone on the ground as they are beaten relentlessly; seemingly satisfied with the violence, the Redbrand’s leave the trio lying bloodied in the street; but take the groups coin purse with them.



Weapons of war

Managing to avoid interference from the Redbrand’s, the party arrives at the Lionshield Coster, The party quizzes Linene for further information on Old Owl Well, but the shop keep is unable to provide any information, explaining that she never got out much; and with the Redbrand’s in town she isn’t leaving her shop unattended.

The group asks Linene if she would be prepared to support their efforts in removing the thugs from town, they explain that they have support from other in Phandalin, when pressured by Linene to reveal their supports the group refuses. Unconvinced by the groups claim, Linene explains that they are not the first to offer help in exchange for wares, and that she is sure their “allies” will be able to provide all the assistance they need.

The party thanks Linene for her time, Perrin buys the cheapest weapon she has available, a single throwing dart. The band departs the Lionshield Coster and makes their way to the Townmaster’s Hall.

Managing chaos

Upon arriving at the Townmaster’s Hall, the group finds a familiar face, Sildar Hallwinter, who is engaged in a stern discussion with a fat, pink cheeked man. Seeing the party arrive Sildar welcomes them, and introduces them to the towns “Resident Moron” Harbin Wester. Sildar explains that his contact in Phandalin, Iarno Albrek, has gone missing; and that both Sildar, and the Lords Alliance, wish to discover what has happened to the former wizard.

Sildar asks the group to explorer the old Tresendar Manor, the former residence of Iarno, much to the dismay of Harbin Wester. The party questions Harbin regarding the manor, and demands to know why the Human ha done nothing regarding the Redbrand menace in town. Harbin points out that he has no force with which to combat them, and that “Unless you happen to have an army with you I can command, the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon!”

Harbin also explains that the Redbrand’s are only one of numerous problems the town has, citing Orcs attacking the miners along the Tri-Boar trail, and that they seem to be based somewhere near Wyvern Tor. He also complains that members of the public have disappeared under suspicious circumstances, whilst others have been killed.

Perrin asks how much Sildar will pay them to investigate the manor, and to try and find Iarno. Sildar explains the pay will be dependent on the information they provide, Perrin attempts to pin Sildar down to a hard figure he will pay for information, Sildar continually explains the pay is dependant on the situation. After the conversation has circled several times, Sildar eventually becomes frustrated, he explains the situation once more to Cali, at which point he abandons the conversation.

After wrestling for quite some time over how to proceed, the party finally settles on speaking with the prospectors at the Miners Exchange, regarding what they have seen at Old Owl Well. As the party attempts to travel to the Exchange they are intercepted by the same group of Redbrand’s who stopped them the night before. The party explains that they have paid the toll to the group in the town square, the gang leader informs them he will follow up to ensure they have, and lets the group proceed.



Surveying the scene

The party decides that Faxii should be the one to approach the miners, the Dwarf asks “And I suppose if it was a coin lost under the table you would send the Halfling, due to his fucking short ancestry!” none the less the Dwarf complies.

Faxii spends around 10 minutes speaking with a variety of people in the room, as time goes on a bigger and bigger group assembles round the Dwarf as it appears to have established a strong rapport with the miners.

Eventually returning, Faxii explains that the miners have seen weird people up at the well, that they are not Redbrand’s, but that they seem to move in an unusual way. Most of the miners have stayed clear. Faxii has also discovered that the Orcs attacking the miners are definitely in the direction of Wyvern Tor. Sadly the Dwarf could not find anyone with information regarding Gundren.

The group decides to retire to the Stonehill Inn and await nightfall, Perrin plays a few rounds of cards against the several of the bars patrons; and manages to lose 4g gold total against 2 opponents. Seeing Perrins poor fortune, Ah Do Rah challenges the Halfling to a round, and when he catches Perrin trying to palm the cards, proceeds to smash the Halflings hand down hard on the table; claiming his winnings from the wincing rogue.



1.27 hours          (Day:4 – Time: 17:30)

As dusk arrives, the group heads for the North side of town, cutting between the buildings before weaving out past the town walls to arrive at the rocky slopes of the Tresendar Manor. Perrin scouts ahead, his progress is impeded by the rocky slopes, but with help from Braêgan he makes it up the first bluff.

Looking around, Perrin observes 2 humanoid figures in the distance which appear to be guarding the road to the Tresendar Manor, he attempts to look for a more favourable way to assault the second slope; but the search is fruitless. He begins the ascent of the second bluff, but the rocks are loose and the climb is treacherous, remembering his embarrassing failure in the Goblin caves the Halfling digs deep; and is able to heave himself to the top.

Arriving at the summit, Perrin begins to survey the area, after a quick inspection he is satisfied that no one is present around or within the structure. Eyeing up the building in front of him, he realises that it is more a fortress than a manor house, made of heavy stone and what little is left of the second story appears to have arrow slits. Although they had been informed prior that this “Manor” was a ruin, it is surprising that anyone would imagine someone lived here, as the remaining structure provides almost no cover from the elements; let alone a place t live.

Perrin begins his descent down the steep slopes, eventually returning to the party. Cali ask him what he found, Perrin explains the scene at the top; and that he has seen 2 guards on the main road. Cali asks if he found anywhere that the Redbrand’s could be using as a base of operation, when Perrin explains that he didn’t investigate that much, Cali exclaims “What the hell did you think we sent you up there for!”


Gimmie a boost

The group decides to make their way up the cliff and avoid the guards stationed on the road, Braêgan and Ravenclaw assist their comrades in assaulting the first slope before climbing up themselves. Upon arriving upon the first bluff, Cali investigates the area and finds a more secure route to the top, mere feet from where Perrin had fought so hard on the previous climb, with their newfound path the party is able to easily ascend the remaining slope.

As the party gathers at the top, Ah Do Rah and Cali begin to look for any threats, satisfied they are alone, Perrin and Cali begin to investigate the ruins, the rest of the party holds position by the outer wall.



A fumble in the dark

Looking around the ruin, Cali and Perrin find what appears to be a small room still standing, upon closer investigation, Perrin notices that the roof, though designed to look dilapidated, has clearly been placed with purpose. Cali signal Perrin to hold fast, and using her Mage Hand attempts to unlock the door.

Find the door to be locked, Perrin moves forward and begins to pick the lock. Though it looks sturdy, Perrin finds that it pops open with relative ease, and starts to open the door. Cali hisses “No! Let me do it!”, Perrin moves behind a collapsed wall as Cali once again uses her Mage Hand on the handle. As the door swings open, an Axe swings out from the roof above, swinging through the door and slams against the top of the frame.

Hearing the commotion, the rest of the party begins to creep towards the sound, as Faxii peers round the fallen stonework, Cali signals to wait. Both Ah Do Rah and Perrin see the torchlight from the road begin to grow brighter.

Realising that the guard on the road are approaching, the group scrambles to get into position, ready to ambush. Perrin and Cali move up to the walls by hole where a front door should be, the rest of the party sneaks round to the nearside wall; ready to round the corner. As the 3 guards approach they suddenly stop, the elf among them signals something, and the other 2 draw weapons. Perrin looks back and realises they can see the now open door to the small room.




They mostly come out at night …. Mostly

Round 1

Ah Do Rah bolts round the corner, unleashing a Firebolt as he goes. It glances the Archers shoulder, scattering as it goes.

Cali darts out from behind the wall, and casts Sleep in the middle of the 3 guards. The Archer and Elf begin to rock and Sway, The Archer finally slumps to the ground; the Elf shakes off the effect and growls. Cali ducks back around the corner.

Braêgan follows Ah Do Rah’s lead, as he steps in front of the ruins he hurls a Javelin at the Elf. The Elf staggers sideways, dodging the Javelin.

The Human Redbrand charges after Cali, cornering her, he swings both Axes at her. The first Axe sinks deep into her chest, as she doubles over in agony the second slams into the wall behind her head.
The Elf runs up and stabs Ah Do Rah with her daggers. As she slices one through his abdomen she brings the other up under his arm and sinks it deep into the side of his chest.

Faxii charges into the Elf, swing the Warhammer at the creatures chest whilst casting inflict wounds. The Elf brings both daggers forward, deflecting the blow down into the ground.

Perrin draws his short sword, charges into the Human which has attacked Cali, and thrusts his sword into the man’s thigh. As the blade slides between his armour, the Redbrand screams in pain; he holds his ground casting a glare at Perrin. The Halfling Disengages and disappears behind a collapsed wall.

Ravenclaw positions herself at a nearby tree and looses and arrow at the Elf. The Arrow pierces into the Redbrand’s chest, almost knocking her off her feet; but she rights herself.

Round 2

Ah Do Rah draws his second dagger, and swings both at the Elf. The Redbrand easily dodges the first blow, and blocks the second.

Bleeding profusely, Cali attempts to cast a ray of Frost at the human assaulting her. Distracted by the pain, the Wizard cannot fully form the spell; it fizzles in her palm.

Braêgan steps up to the Elf, arcing his Axe wide. The Axe connects with the Elf’s stomach, slicing a large gash across it.

The Human Redbrand raises his Axe to finish the crumpled Wizard before him. As he does, the wound in his thigh gapes open, the pain is enough to allow Cali to sidestep the blow.
The Elf Disengages  from her attackers, and begins to retreat toward her sleeping ally. Just before she reaches him, she drops her daggers and draws her bow, loosing a shot at Braêgan. The Warriors keen reflexes allow him to block the Arrow with his Axe, it chatters across the blade.

Seeing the Elf flee, Faxii gives chase, casting inflict Wounds again and winding up with the Warhammer. The blow glances past the Elf’s face as she leans out the way of the blow.

Perrin drops his sword and emerges from behind the wall, drawing his bow and firing at the Redbrand still harrying Cali. The projectile finds it’s mark, penetrating the humans shoulder right up to the fletching.

Ravenclaw knocks another arrow, and aims for the now crippled Elf. The shot strikes the centre of the Redbrand’s forehead, and the Elf topples over backwards.

Hearing the commotion behind the wall, Ah Do Rah finds a gap to climb through, seeing Cali cornered and bloody he launches a Firebolt at her assailant. The spell hits the Redbrand centre mass, searing the skin from his chest and face; his charred body falls limply to the ground.


The art of answers

With the 2 active Redbrand’s despatched, the party turns there attention to the sleeping Human, he is tied and gagged; ready to be interrogated. Cali and Ah Do Rah each find positions well covered and take a short rest, Perrin and Faxii take up defensive positions; Perrin covers the path up from the town and Faxii watches the stairs inside the mansion. Braêgan and Ravenclaw wake up the sleeping Human and begin to question him.

As the man awakens he begins to struggle and tries to scream, but finds that any sound is almost non-existent, as is the air he needs, thanks to the gag rammed down his throat. As he begins to gasp for air Ravenclaw pulls his angry eyes to hers. “I am going to remove this gag from your mouth, and if you make any noise other than answering my questions; I’ll make sure it is the last sound you make.” The man’s anger turns to panic, he tries once again to break his bonds; realising his situation he relaxes and nods defeated. “I want to know what you are doing here at this mansion.” Continues Ravenclaw, she then points to Braêgan, my friend here doesn’t like liars; remember that when you give your answer.

As Ravenclaw removes the gag from the man’s mouth he gasps for air, catching his breath he looks towards Ravenclaw. He blurts out “I don’t want to be here alright, but it was better than being in town, I never would have joined the Redbrand’s if I had known what they were!” he pauses, looking Braêgan up and down; his eyes focus intently on the great axe before continuing:

“I was told we were coming to Phandelver to provide security around the town, due to the Orcs and Goblins that have been harassing people, the money was good so it seemed like a great job. But once we got here we started shaking down the locals, forcing them to pay ‘Tolls’ and ‘Taxes’ and god only knows what else! I didn’t want any part of it, but I can see these fuckers are dangerous, so I managed to get posted up here; away from all that stuff.”

Ravenclaw and Braêgan both consider his story, it sounds like a load of shit, but a sickened look in his eyes suggest it is probably the truth. “That’s nice” Ravenclaw replies “But it isn’t what I asked you ………. What are you doing here at the mansion?”

The man looks eyes dart around sheepishly: “I … I don’t really know, it’s the truth I swear, look I’m just a lacky; they don’t tell me shit. All I know is we run 12 hour shifts guarding this entrance, and honestly people just go out for the day, do there ‘Business’ and then come back; anything really questionable gets moved through the tunnel.”

“Would that be the one in the woods?” asks Braêgan.

“Yes that’s the one, I don’t know where it is, somewhere to the north; like I said I made an effort to get put up here.”

Ravenclaw pulls the man forward again “It doesn’t seem like you are going to be much use to us, which is strange for a man who doesn’t like his associates.” She pauses, taking a deep breath “Tell me how many are down there” she tips her head towards the staircase which leads underground.

“There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, way more than there are of you; more than a group this size can handle” Braêgan has the feeling his is embellishing the truth, there are a lot down there, but the man is trying to be of more use than he is probably capable; fear has that effect on people.

Braêgan bends down to meet the man’s eyes “Is Glasstaff present at this time?”

The man gives a concerned look. “I don’t know how you know that name, but …. Look I don’t know, if he is he’s never come in or out of here; at least when I’ve been guarding it. Hell I’ve never actually seen the man, Can’t say I made any special effort towards that end; but if only uses the tunnel then it’s no real suprise.”

The man sighs “Are you going to kill me?”

Ravenclaw rams the gag back into his mouth before staring into the young man’s eyes. “I haven’t decided that yet.”

(Day:4 – Time: 21:30)

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