The lost mines of Phandelver: Session 3


Session 3


Chris Tomkins    –              Dwarf Cleric                       –              Faxii Rockseeker

David Jackman  –              Halfling Rogue                    –              Perrin Tealeaf

Danny Lock         –              Dragonborn Sorcerer       –              Ah Do Rah

Kerry Jackman   –              High Elf Wizard                 –           Caliendria Moonwhisper (Cali)

Mark Ayers         –              Human Fighter                  –              Braêgan Doomwind

Shaun Vye          –              Human Fighter                   –              Ravenclaw Moist


Once more into the breech        (Day:3 – Time: 00:00)

Having spent some time with the dagger which was found in the Bugbears cave, Ah Do Rah realises that the blade has magical properties, after experimenting with the weapon, he discovers that by focusing for a few moments the blade begins to emit a noxious gas for a short period of time. Surmising this cloud of purple haze is some form of poison, he tries again, to no avail; it is apparent that the blade must need time to recharge between discharges.

After stowing their gear, the group decides to return to the cave, in the hopes of finding Gundren, and to clear out the Goblin infestation once and for all. As they make their way inside, they creep up to the ascending passage to the left of the main tunnel, as Perin moves forward, he hears a sound from above and stops. Realising he cannot see, he beckons Cali forward.

As she looks up, Cali is able to see a single Goblin standing at the top of the tunnel, as she returns to the others and reports he findings, the group hears a large thud from up in passage. They begin to discuss strategy as they hear a further 2 large gangs from the passage. Deciding that the best course of action would be for Braêgan to eliminate the Goblin with a javelin, the Fighter moves into position.

As Braêgan peers around the corner, he realises it is far to dark for him to aim true, but sees movement at the top, and a square shape being scraped into position at the top of the passage.

The group decides to try to sneak past the passage, Cali, Perrin and Braêgan manage to quickly make their way past the entrance, realising that Faxii’s armour is making too much noise, Ah Do Rah stops the Dwarf and himself before they move past the entrance.

As Faxii looks up the passage, he sees the alerted Goblin has stopped looking through a crate which has been placed by the top of the passage and is looking down the passage in the Dwarfs direction. Seeing the Goblin dash away, the Dwarf grabs Ah Do Rah and the 2 rapidly make their way to rejoin the rest of the party.

Making their way up to the bridge they had previously seen, Perrin sees a Goblin emerge from the passage below, it quickly checks the area before retreating into the tunnel.


Believing the rickety bridge will be unable to hold all their weight, the party opts to cross the bridge in single file. Realising that the Halfling, Dragonborn and Human cannot see in the pitch black tunnel, Cali opts to traverse the bridge first and verify the tunnel on the other side is safe, satisfied, she returns to the bridge, stands with her back to the tunnel and lights the hooded lantern; attempting to stifle the any light heading away from the bridge.

The group crosses the bridge, with both Braêgan and Ah Do Rah almost tumbling off.

Cali tries to quietly make her way up the tunnel to scout for the party, as she reaches the end and look round the corner, she realises that her attempted at stealth was unsuccessful; seeing 2 Goblins rapidly fleeing away from her. She calls the others forward.

Realising that they have lost the element of surprise, Faxii charges through the tunnel after the fleeing Goblins, rounding the corner, the Dwarf finds a small chamber with a ledge above, the powerful stench of Goblins, and 3 toothy grins.


Above, as below

Round 1

Following quickly on Faxii’s heels, Perrin sees a Goblin standing on a ledge above. Aiming true, the Halfling nails the Goblin centre mass with his shortbow, and watches as the small figure collapses backwards out of view.

With heavy crashing, a Goblin dressed in heavy armour (that by Goblin standards would be considered ornate) comes pounding down a large rock from the ledge above. The Goblin charges up to Faxii and begins screaming orders at the other creatures.

Braêgan thunders into the cavern, swinging his axe at the nearest Goblin. The dexterous creature ducks away from the blow.

Surprised by the ornately dressed Goblins bravado, Faxii swings wildly at the charging creature. The Goblin parries the hammer, readying itself to strike.

2 more Goblins appear from the ledge, one charges down the ramp as another takes up position above. The 2 Goblins on the ground fire at Faxii, but the Dwarf easily blocks both shots. The newcomer on the ledge fires down at Braêgan, hitting the warrior, the arrow embeds itself in his pauldron; leaving him unharmed.

Now joining the fray, Ah Do Rah unleashes a Firebolt at the ornately dressed Goblin. The spell is deflected by the Goblins armour.

Cali strides into the chamber and unleashes a barrage of Magic Missiles at the Goblin on the ledge, as they projectiles weave through her allies harmlessly they find their mark. The missiles blow a hole the size of a plate in the Goblins chest, and it tumbles onto the rocks below.

Round 2

Perrin appears from the shadows, firing his bow at the Goblin leader. The shot flies wide, and the Halfling vanishes back into the darkness.

The Goblin Leader unleashes a flurry of strikes at Faxii, both land, dealing significant damage to the Dwarf.

Braêgan swings his axe wide, slamming it into the Goblin Leader. The weapon finds purchase on the creature’s helmet, but it appears un-phased.

Faxii swings at the Goblin Leader again. This time the Goblin blocks the blow, showing suprising strength. Frustrated, the dwarf prepares for a longer battle, and casts Healing Word on itself.

The Goblins unleash another volley of arrows. 1 hits Ah Do Rah, another Faxii. The Goblin on the ramp charges into Braêgan, its sword is blocked by the hilt of the warriors axe.

With a surge of Arcane energy, Ah Do Rah creates a magical bonfire underneath the Goblin Leader. The creature is singed, but manages to avoid the worst of the flame.

Seeing it’s blows fall upon Faxii, Cali calls forth a second round of Magic Missiles at the Goblin Leader. The 3 projectiles spiral around Faxii, slamming into the Goblin from all sides, they tear chunks of armour and flesh from the beast.

Round 3

Perrin reappears from the shadows, and looses an arrow at the Goblin Leader. The shot goes wide as the creature is slammed sideways by the missiles from Cali.

Finding itself in a dangerous position, the Goblin Leader Disengages from the fight, retreating to the rear of the room; ordering it’s subordinates to kill the intruders as it falls back.

Seeing the tide of battle turn in their favour, but realising he cannot pursue the fleeing goblin Leader without risking injury from the raging Bonfire;  Braêgan brings his axe crashing down on the Goblin in front of him. Battle hardened, the Goblin predicts the blow, avoiding the worst of the damage.

As the miserable creature he has been sparring with retreats, Faxii casts Sacred Flame on it. The spells hits, but the Goblins efforts to weave as it runs negates the spells full force. Preparing to give chase, the Dwarf casts Sheild of Faith.

Realising this is a fight for their lives, the 2 Goblins flanking their leader knock arrows. 1 fires at Faxii, who blocks the arrow with ease. The second fires at Cali, but seeing the attack coming, the wizard uses Shield to deflect the projectile. The Goblin engaged with Braêgan finds a gap in the warriors defence, and manages to plunge it’s blade into his side.

Witnessing the attack on Braêgan, Ah Do Rah strikes the Goblin with a Firebolt. The spells strikes the Goblin in the chest, burning a hole right through it.

Realising the Goblins are tightly grouped, Cali cast sleep on the ground between them. All 3 Goblins sway and rock, before collapsing to the ground in a deep sleep.

Round 4

Perrin creeps across the chamber to one of the sleeping Goblins, draws his short sword, and forces it into one of the sleeping Goblins hearts.

The Goblin Leader begins to snore.

Finally able to move freely, Braêgan marches up to the sleeping Goblin Leader and slams his axe into the creature’s chest. The axe splits the armour in 2, passing through the Goblins chest and embeds itself in the floor.

Faxii rushes up the large stone onto the ledge, reaching the top, the Dwarf sees a Goblin with a Dagger at a limp humans throat, and cast Sacred Flame. The spell misses to the Goblins side, almost hitting it’s hostage, frustrated, Faxii pulls out a deck of cards and hurls it at the Goblin. Never has Faxii been more grateful to be out of a sight, as possibly the worst throw the Dwarf has ever made causes the deck of cards to explode into the air like confetti at a wedding.

Seeing the pitiful display of the Dwarf before it, the Goblin releases the hostage and charges Faxii. As the Goblin reaches Faxii, it swings it’s blade at the Dwarfs head, and completely misses.

Taking to the air, Ah Do Rah lands on the ledge behind the Goblin and releases a Firebolt at the Goblin. The spell strikes the Goblin in the temple, completely incinerating its head. Faxii pulls out the head of Jack the Goblin and places it on the now empty neck of the burnt Goblin. The Goblin topples sideways and the head of John the Goblin rolls over to the wall.


Assisting the assistant

As Faxii and Ah Do Rah approach the crumpled figure on the floor, Braêgan and Cali make their way onto the ledge; Perrin remains on the on the lower floor to finish off the sleeping Goblins and keep watch.

As they approach, the Dwarf and Dragonborn realise the gaunt looking creature on the ground is Sildar Hallwinter, Gundren’s right hand man, as they help him to his feet it is apparent that his incarceration has left him weak from dehydration and starvation. As Cali and Braêgan arrive, the party offers Sildar water; which he takes with gratitude.

The party spends some time quizzing Sildar on the events which occurred, the human explains that he and Gundren were travelling down the Tri-Boar trail when they were ambushed by the Goblins. Unfortunately Sildar was rendered unconscious in the initial assault and is unsure on the whereabouts, or condition, of Gundren. He does however inform the party that he saw the BugBear that lead the Goblins in the cave conversing with a human, however he was unable to see any identifying marks due to the person nondescript black robe.

Satisfied that the warrior has told them all he knows, the party searchs the cavern for anything of use, but it is apparent that this chamber was mainly used for sleeping and other bodily functions; which explains the pungent smell.

Sildar requests the parties aid in getting to Phandalin, they agree, taking the boxes and barrels of supplies stacked up outside the cavern, and return to the cave entrance.

Lets go into town

As the party arrives at the cave entrance, they find Ravenclaw collecting the last of the supplies they had previously secured, she is surprised to see Sildar, and explains that she has secured the cart,that the rest of the supplies have been loaded, and that they can depart whenever they are ready.

The party travels back to the cart, and wearily begin to make their way down eastward towards Phandalin, with Sildar sleeping in the passenger seat.


The early bird gets the worm

The party makes good time, traveling the trail without incident, as they arrive at the outskirts of Phandalin the sun is beginning to rise; they can see the town beginning to awaken.

With the promise of coin from both delivery of the cart, and escorting the injured Sildar, the party makes opts to make way to Barthens  Provisions. Upon arrival they are greeted by Barthan who comments on their tardiness, but is quick to retract his scorn, giving praise to the group for not only defeating the ambush, but for saving Sildar, and hopefully securing the western road on Tri-Boar trail. He pays the party 10 gold each as was agreed with Gundren, he also pays Sildar in Gundren’s place for the contents of the cart. Sildar is a man of his word, and proceeds to pay the party 50 gold from the purse for his safe return.

The party inspects some of Barthens wares, the shop keep is happy until Braêgan suddenly attacks Perrin without warning. Realising the ruckus is unnerving the shop keep, Faxii and Braêgan drag Perrin outside of the shop.

Cali makes inquiries regarding the other supplies they have secured, one of the shops employees explain that the crates bear the symbol of the Lionshield Coster, and that Linene may be prepared to compensate them for its delivery.

As Cali and Ah Do Rah leave the shop, they explain the situation to Braêgan and Faxii. During this time Perrin slips away and returns to the shop, he is in the middle of “Negotiating” a transaction with Barthen when one of the shop hands enters and announces that one of the barrels seems to have been tapped. During the commotion, Perrin quickly excuses himself and returns to the party; who had not noticed his absence.

Ah Do Rah, Braêgan, Cali and Perrin decide to deliver the supplies they secured. Faxii and Ravenclaw decide to head to the Stonehill Inn to get a drink.

The group makes their way to the Lionshield Coster, asking the locals for directions, when they enter the store they are greeted by Linene Graywind. Linene confirms that the supplies are hers, and that she had assumed the supplies lost when the previous escort failed to arrive. She agrees to pay the party the going rate of 50 gold for the supplies, which they begrudgingly accept. Linene also warns the group to avoid the Sleeping Giant Tap House, as a group of local thugs known as the Redbrands had recently overrun the establishment. When the group pressed her for more information on the Redbrands, she informed them that she refuses to do business with them, but that they could speak with Halia Thornton at the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, as Halia is the nearest thing to a governing authority that Phandalin has.


The trouble with Towns, is always the Towns troubles

Cali and Ah Do Rah decide to investigate the Miner’s Exchange in the hopes of gathering additional information on Gundren’s activities, Perrin and Braêgan decide to follow in Faxii and ravenclas footsteps, and head to the Stonehill Inn for a drink.

Arriving at the Miner’s Exchange, Ah Do Rah and Cali find themselves lost in the chaos of the building, however Cali spots a women, sat alone at desk, and the 2 approach her. Halia Thornton Is a busy woman, and does not appreciate the distractions, the only thing she appreciates less than that is 2 strangers trying to pry into her business, and that of her clients. Unable to extract any information on Gundren, beyond Halia’s sarcastic remarks on his ridiculous notion of finding Wave Eche Cave, the 2 ask for information about the Redbrands.

Halia has no issue with denouncing the thuggish group which has recently infested the town, she explains that they have yet to cause her or the miners too much issue, as they are vast in number; but that local business’ have been less fortunate. She explains that she would be prepared to offer compensation to anyone who was willing to run the Redbrand’s out of town, provided that her name, nor the Exchange were mentioned. Cali and Ah Do Rah express interest, but explain they will have to speak with the rest of the party first.

Whilst sat in the Inn, Perrin and Braêgan play a friendly game of 5 card stud, with Braêgan emerging as the victor. As they drinik and play they overhear some of the locals complaining about the towns ails:

  • One of the miners is complaining about a band of Orcs which attacked him and his fellows on the east end of the Tri-Boar Trail.
  • The Barkeeps wife is gossiping with a woman about a man named Thel Dendrar, and how he was found dead, with his family missing, after an altercation between him and the Redbrand’s. Apparently the group had been harassing his wife, and old Thel had taken exception to their behaviour.
  • A young boy had been running around the bar, telling people excitedly about a secret tunnel he found in the woods. Intrigued, Braêgan manages to beckon the lad over, asking him about his secret tunnel. Pip explains that he found it in the northern woods, just beyond the city limits, and that it was guarded by men in red cloaks. The men had tried to grab him, but he was to quick, managing to evade their attempts to capture him; and fled back to the town. Braêgan congratulates the boy on his quick wit, and gives him a few gold coins for his story; Pip’s eyes light up seeing the money in his hands, and he runs off to his mother.
  • A woman at the bar, who appears to be Pip’s mother, is complaining about how the Redbrand’s are hassling all of the local businesses in town; but they don’t have the stones to bother Halia or the Miner’s Exchange. She scorns Halia and the miners for standing idle whilst the town is slowly plundered.


The word about town

Ah Do Rah and Cali arrive at the Stonehill Inn and explain to Perrin and Braêgan what they have learned, the Human and Halfling exchange their own information. As they party discusses a course of action, Elsa, the Inn’s barmaid interrupts to offer food and drinks. The group enquires about rooms, Elsa tells them she believes there are 4, but she will have to confirm it, the group orders a round of drinks and some food. She is surprised to see a Dragonborn in the Inn, and flirts a little with Ah Do Rah before returning to the bar.

The group continues their discussion until Elsa returns with food and drinks, she explains that there are only 2 rooms left available, the party agrees to take both, and draws straws for who will share with the now intoxicated Perrin; Braêgan’s luck appears to have run out as he draws short. The party asks Elsa about the Redbrand’s, the confident barmaid clams up a little, before confirming they are a problem and that she no longer walks home alone at night.

Braêgan excuses himself form the table, he leaves the bar for some “Fresh Air”, he swiftly makes his way to Barthens  Provisions and requests to buy some sleeping elixir. Barthan apologises, explaining he doesn’t stock anything like that, and that the closest thing he has is horse tranquiliser. Braêgan is happy to take it, Barthan reluctantly sells it to the Human; advising that although he is big, he should be careful as it is strong stuff.

Elsa suggests that the group speak with the Orchard Keeper Daran Edermath if they want to know more about the Redbrand’s, she explains that the Keeper was formerly a man of law, and that she would be surprised if he didn’t have a keen eye on the situation in town. Elsa takes and order for more drinks and heads off to the bar.

As Elsa is returning Braêgan enters the bar, he asks if the tray she has are for his table, as the barmaid confirms that it is, he offers to be a gentleman and carry it over for her; she thanks him. In a less than gentlemanly act, Braêgan empties half the vial of tranquiliser into Perrin’s drink, and carries the tray to the table.

The group decides to travel out of town to the Orchard to see this Daran Edermath, and find out what he knows. At this time, Perrin’s resolve wains, and between the alcohol and tranquiliser, the Halfling is rendered unconscious. Braêgan drags the Halfling up to their shared room, bashing his head on every step as they go, and tosses him onto the floor inside; locking the room and returning to the bar.

The group departs the bar, heading to the Edermath Orchard.


Law & Disorder

The party makes their way out of town, following the directions they were given by Elsa, following the winding lanes until they reach the Edermath Orchard. As they approach the house, they find that no one appears to be home, a quick check around the building confirms their suspicions.

As Cali surveys the Orchard, she spots a silhouette in the distance, what appears to be a horse and humanoid out in the middle of the trees. The party moves towards this person, in hopes of finding Daran.

As the party approaches the figure, the man turns and sees them, with a quick motion a crossbow appears in his hands from behind a basket, he orders the group to stop and challenge’s their reason for being on his land. Cali steps forward and attempts to parlay with the human, as she approaches he orders her to hold her ground, her explanation that she is unarmed gaining her no favour; the man seemingly able to recognise one who wields magic, and the general attire they wear.

After a tense conversation, Cali is able to convince the human that the party means no ill will, and that they have come seeking information about the Redbrand’s; the man allows Ah Do Rah and Braêgan join the conversation. The older gentleman introduces himself as Daran Edermath, explaining that he is a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, an organisation which exists to protect the innocent from the evils of the world.

The party questions Daran regarding the Redbrand’s, he explains that he knows their leader is called Glasstaff, that he has seen groups of the thugs regularly traveling to and from the old Tresendar Manor House. He also informs the group that he has heard the miners speak of a group of Ne’er-do-wells who seems to have taken up residence at Old Owl Well, he is unsure if it is the Redbrand’s, but he notes that the rumours regarding this strange bunch seems to have coincided with the ruffians arrival.

The party thanks Daran for his assistance, and explain they intend to look into the Redbrand’s further, before deciding if this is trouble they wish to engage in. As the group departs the Orchard the sun is beginning to set.

The trio makes their way back towards the town, as they enter the outskirts they are accosted by a group of 5 people, the group identifies themselves as the Redbrand’s ad demands that the 3 pay the toll for entry to the town. Braêgan steps forward, and in an aggressive tone informs the louts “We’ve already paid the damn toll, and the only further payment you will receive today is this axe” as he reaches for his weapon, at this point Ah Do Rah steps forward, allowing a little fire to escape from the sides of his mouth; illuminating the now dark street.

The rest of the ruffians begin to close in on the group, however the one in charge, who’s eyes keep darting between the massive axe in Braêgan’s hands, and the scaly figure behind him, orders the others to stand down. He informs the group he is in a generous mood, and will let them pass on this occasion, but that they had best be ready to pay in the future.

The trio returns to the Inn, they decide to retire for the evening, and that they will report their findings to the others in the morning so a decision can be made on how to proceed.

(Day:3 – Time: 19:00)

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