The lost mines of Phandelver: Session 2


Session 2


Chris Tomkins    –              Dwarf Cleric                       –              Faxii Rockseeker

David Jackman  –              Halfling Rogue                    –              Perrin Tealeaf

Danny Lock         –              Dragonborn Sorcerer       –              Ah Do Rah

Kerry Jackman   –              High Elf Wizard                 –           Caliendria Moonwhisper (Cali)

Mark Ayers         –              Human Fighter                  –              Braêgan Doomwind

Shaun Vye          –              Human Fighter                   –              Ravenclaw Moist


Top of the morning to ya                        (Day:2 – Time: 06:30)

As Ah Do Rah, Braêgan and Ravenclaw slowly awake they see both Cali and Faxii are already up; Cali is focused intently on her spell book whilst Faxii flips slowly through a prayer book in quiet contemplation. After a quick investigation, the group discovers Perrin passed out by a tree, a short distance away from the Glade, reeking of alcohol.

After a brief discussion, Perrin is picked up and carried to the river, and less than gently tossed into the water. Violently awoken by the freezing water, Perrin lies for a few seconds in shock, before slowly clambering to his feet; the small creature looks exhausted from his long night of revelry.

The group begins to converse regarding the plan for the day, seemingly frustrated by the groups indecision, Faxii announces ‘I don’t care what you lot do, but I am going after my cousin’ and sets off towards the mouth of the cave.

The dwarf shoulder checks Perrin as it passes, knocking him face first into the stream. Happy with this result, the dwarf somewhat overconfidently attempts to stamp on Ravenclaw’s foot for good measure; Ravenclaw swiftly pulls her boot away, and deftly strikes Faxii’s shin, inflicting the same fate Perrin suffered mere moments ago.

As both the dwarf and Halfling right themselves, Faxii continues towards the cave, seemingly un-phased; reluctantly the rest of the group follows.



Going Deeper Underground

Finding themselves outside of the Wolf Kennel from the previous day, Cali suggests that Perrin once again climb the chimney stack to see where it leads; the Halfling moans before storming over to the chimney and ducking inside.

As Perrin begins to climb the Chimney he gets no more than 3 feet before his tired arms give way and he falls from the wall, injuring himself as he catches his chin on an outcrop before his feet hit the ground. Irritated, he beckons Braêgan over to assist him, with the hulking fighters help the rogue almost silently springs two thirds of the way up the stack.

At the same time Faxii decides to quickly investigate the passage leading east away from the river, seeing a sheer 10 foot high wall leading to a small plateau, followed by another 20 foot high wall, the dwarf declares ‘I am going North, follow me if you wish’ and begins to head upstream. As the dwarf moves around the corner and into the gloom, the heavy hand of Ah Do Rah slaps down on a shoulder as he says ‘I cannot see in this darkness, but if you guide me I will attempt to provide assistance’.

Cali moves into the Wolf Kennel to observe the progress of Perrin as Ravenclaw stands watch by the entrance.

Mustering his strength, Perrin vaults the last 10 feet of the chimney, latching onto the ledge above with both hands and carefully peers over the edge, in the dim light of a camp fire he sees Goblins, 3 asleep and 1 awake with a large wolf next to it, and at the back of the room a large undulating mass which is obscured by the fire.

As the Halfling hangs from the edge he sees the Wolfs ears prick, it begins sniffing the air before slowly moving toward the chimney. Seeing the creature approach, Perrin quickly drops back into the stack and rapidly moves down the chimney before quietly resting about 10 feet from the ground.

Meanwhile, Faxii and Ah Do Rah move quietly up the tunnel tracing the water. As they reach the top of the stream, a passage entrance is visible to the right, and a broken wall is directly ahead.

Faxii & Ah Do Rah move up stream.png


Intrigued by the passage, Faxii attempts to sneak towards the entrance to peer inside, the Dwarf is so focused on the opening that it fails to see a small boulder on the ground; catching the edge of 1 foot on the protrusion, it crashed sideways to the ground letting out an enormous crash that rings through the cave system.

As the sound reaches the Wolf Kennel, so too does Perrin, emerging from the chimney he explains to Braêgan, Cali and Ravenclaw what he has seen. The group moves out of the Kennel and into the tunnel investigate the sound.

Helped up by Ah Do Rah, Faxii quickly peers inside the entrance, there are 2 Goblins approaching with a torch. The 2 allies move quickly and quietly back down the tunnel, with the sound of chittering Goblin voices coming from behind. As they reach the Wolf Kennel, Faxii quickly darts into the eastern passage as Ah Do Rah re-joins the group and explains what has happened.

Within moments 2 Goblins appear on the rickety bridge, as they look down the tunnel their eyes are drawn to the lamp in Cali’s, the 2 Goblins both knock an arrow preparing to fire.


Then we shall fight them in the shade

Round 1

Processing the information provided by Ah Do Rah, the Goblins sudden appearance surprises Cali.

Faxii cast Sacred Flame on the south most Goblin, as the flame burst into existence the Goblin is heavily singed, and looks the worse for wear.

The northern Goblin aims towards the lamp light and strikes Cali in the arm, dealing significant damage. The southern Goblin aims for Ah Do Rah, but shoots wide.

In response Ah Do Rah targets the norther Goblin with Firebolt, missing by several feet.

Surprised by the arrows raining from the sky, Braêgan and Ravenclaw now draw their weapons, Perrin reacts to the sudden panic of his allies; but with no idea what has occurred, scans their faces seeking information.

Round 2

Reeling in pain, Cali unleashes a barrage of Arcane Missiles, her arm unable to track steady, 2 veer wildly into the cavern walls, however the third finds its target and slams into the northern Goblin.

Once again grasping the holy symbol, Faxii calls forth a second Sacred Flame targeting the southern Goblin again. Engulfed in flame, the creature slumps to the ground; hanging precariously close to the edge of the bridge.

Adjusting for the previous error, Ah Do Rah lets loose another Firebolt. This one flies true, but unfortunately the swift Goblin is only grazed by the strike; the bridge shakes in the commotion, causing the lifeless body nearby to slip from the bridge into the water below.

The northern Goblin, enraged by the death of its comrade, mistakes Ah Do Rah’s flame as the source of its friend’s demise. Drawing back the bow string to breaking point, she fires at Ah Do Rah, and with pinpoint accuracy finds his heart; felling the Dragonborn in a single strike.

2 more Goblins rush down the river towards the party, 1 charges Faxii with a scimitar, but the strike is easily deflected by the dwarfs shield. The second fires its short bow at Cali, the projectile lodges in the Elf’s midriff, causing her to collapse; bleeding profusely from the wound. The dropped lantern extinguishes.

Forcing his aching muscles into action, Perrin enters the fray and fires at the nearest Goblin. Unable to keep his sore hands steady, the shot sails past the nearby Goblin.

Finally spotting the Goblin on the bridge, Ravenclaw releases an arrow at the raging midget. It catches the creature centre mass, throwing it from the bridge; the human watches with glee as the assailant pinballs off the cave wall, before crashing into the river.

Seeing the Goblin which has felled Cali at the rear, Braêgan charges forward bringing his great axe above his head, the Goblin engaged with Faxii makes a miserable attempt at a strike as the fighter thunders by. As he reaches his cowering target, Braêgan brings the axe down, cleaving its right shoulder clean off; half the creatures heart falls away with the arm as the lifeless body falls backwards.

Round 3

Cali splutters, spewing blood from her lungs into the air.

Placing the holy symbol in a pocket, Faxii grabs the war axe from off a belt loop, bringing it high above head, then crashing down into the Goblins skull; shattering it like a clay pot.


Fading light

Hesitantly, Faxii rushes to Cali and Ah Do Rah, and with a hand placed on each, casts Cure Wounds on one, quickly followed by the other; as each clambers to their feet, they find they have been fully restored, both thank the Dwarf.

Now fully focused on the task at hand, Faxii trudges off upstream, quickly followed by the rest of the party.



Walls of water

As the party quietly progresses to the point where Faxii had tripped earlier, they watch as the dwarf carefully manoeuvres to the east side of the entrance.

Upon inspection of the crumbling rocks, Faxii recognises it as a collapsed wall, which was crudely constructed by the Goblins. A chain at the dwarfs feet appears to have been dragged out from under the wall, causing it to collapse; Faxii surmises that it was the destruction of this wall which unleashed the torrent of water the previous evening. As the Faxii peers towards the back of the chamber, an identical wall is present, the dwarf relays this information to Braêgan, who in turn explains it to the rest of the party.

As Faxii creeps inside the chamber proper, there are 2 large rocks at the western end of this chamber, 2 passages, 1 leading west and the other south. The dwarf reports their 2 levers against the crudely built northern wall, and 2 Goblins are visible at the eastern wall.

Walls of Water


After quick deliberation, Perrin sneaks into position by the southern Rock, Ravenclaw secretes herself behind the northern rock, and Cali takes up position by the western wall. Simultaneously they assault the more ornately dressed Goblin.


The tables have turned

Round 1

Ah Do Rah holds position at the rear of the tunnel, watching the bridge for any movement.

Cali unleashes a Ray of Frost at the Goblin leader just as it begins to stand up, the projectile slams the floor between the critters feet.

Both Goblins jump to their feet, surprised by the ice that has just slammed into the floor. Braêgan holds position at the entrance of the chamber.

Perrin and Ravenclaw simultaneously strike the Goblin leader. It collapses to the ground, but manages to force itself back to its feet; bleeding profusely as it .

Faxii holds position at the chamber entrance awaiting information from the assaulting members of the party.

Round 2

Upon hearing the ambush occur, Ah Do Rah charges into the chamber, assuming a position by the south west corner, and releases a Firebolt towards the crippled Goblin leader. The blast strikes the Goblins crotch, disintegrating its groin, causing the creature to yelp and sob as it collapses a final time.

Cali focuses a second Ray of Frost on the remaining Goblin, it glances past the creatures chest inflicting minimal damage.

Instinctively, the small creature rushes towards the large lever at the east end of the chamber, attempting to heave on it. The Goblin Lacks the strength to move the heavy mechanism and the lever comes to rest in its initial position.

Reacting to the action, Braêgan rushes into the chamber, closes the gap on the helpless Goblin and strikes down hard, rending the creature in two.


Causing a ruckus

As he pulls his axe from the felled Goblin, Braêgan looks south, to see the wolf In the adjoin cavern moving towards him, disturbed by the noise created by the parties ambush.

As Braêgan Signals the threat to the party, Perrin slips between the rock and wall to get vision on the approaching danger, and Ravenclaw moves into passage which links the chambers.

Spotting the intruder, the wolf howls and growls, alerting the awakened Goblin, rousing 3 others from their slumber, and the Bugbear; who slowly begins to stand.



Sleep tight, don’t let the Bugbears bite

Round 1

Perrin fires an arrow at the Bugbears back. The Halfling misjudges the creature’s movements; the shot sails off to the right.

Ravenclaw capitalises on the advantageous situation, and release an arrow that connects with the small of the Bugbears back.

The Bugebear cries out in pain before turning to see the fleeing Ravenclaw move back into the adjoining chamber. As it chases down the fleeing human it screams ‘Klaaaaaarrrggg Crush’ as it barrels through the small opening and strikes at Ravenclaw, missing narrowly. Now seeing himself surrounded the beast Roars in anger.

As the raging monstrosity roars, Ah Do Rah calls forth a mote of flame and launches it towards the creature, but it is blocked by the massive morning star that Klarg holds.

Faxii lashes out at Klarg with a Warhammer, smashing the Bugbears arm, causing it to recoil in pain.

Feeling the cold build in her hand, Cali releases a Ray of Frost at Klarg. The Bugbear is knocked sideways before the beam hits, causing it to flash past the monsters face.

Klargs pet wolf charges into the room, lunges at Ravenclaw and clamps its maw onto the humans arm. After a brief struggle, she is pulled to the ground, the animals teeth shredding flesh as it shakes its head violently.

One of the Goblins darts through the narrow doorway, and strikes Braêgan with its rusty scimitar as it engages him.

A second Goblin follows the first, taking up position on the east side of the chamber and fires at Braêgan with a short bow. Panicked by the confined space it arrives in, the shot is poorly aimed and lodges firmly into Braêgan’s pauldron.

A third Goblin arrives behind the wolf and surveys the room.

The Goblin that was awake scrambles to find its bow and quiver, then rushes to the east side of Klarg’s chamber. The final slumbering Goblin awakens, surprised to find itself in the middle of a battle.

Round 2

Perrin stores his bow, draws his sword, and strikes at the hind quarters of Klarg. His tired muscles cause the blade to slam into the monsters Belt buckle.

Ravelclaw pulls free of the wolfs grasp and scrambles to her feet, with no where to go she attempts to fire at the Bugbear. As she raises the bow she loses her grip on the arrow, it spins up into the air comes straight down; The humans quick reflexes mean the arrow narrowly misses her foot. Regaining her composure, Ravenclaw feels refreshed and gains a Second Wind.


Now focused on the Halfling which has been fondling it, Klarg swings his morning star at Perrin. Though the rogue tries to parry the blow, it is too powerful, the massive weapon drives past the sword and cracks the tiny Halflings head open. As the Perrin hits the floor bloodied to a pulp, Klarg lets out a triumphant laugh ‘Ha Haaaaar’.

Struggling for space, Braêgan slams Klarg with the pommel of his Great Axe, striking down into the beast’s thigh.

Faxii hooks the Warhammer onto a belt hook, pulls a holy symbol from a pocket and calls fourth a wave of flame above Klarg’s head, which crashes down on the Bugbears head and shoulders.

Ah Do Rah inhales deeply, his eyes flicker and a thin jet of flame burst forth from his mouth. Caught by surprise, Klarg is blasted in his left shoulder, attempting to avoid its master’s arm, the wolf behind inadvertently dodges most of the flame; only its tail is caught in the blast.

Frustratingly, as Cali unleashes a volley of Magic Missiles, the 3 projectiles all miss as the creature dips sideways from the blow that Braêgan delivered.

As it darts forward to avoid Klargs huge arm, the wolf repositions west, moving past the fallen Perrin and striking at Faxii. As it lunges forward, the dwarf recoils, and the bests jaws narrowly miss.

The Goblin engaged with Braêgan strikes down with its blade, lodging it in the fighters chest before yanking it back, leaving a large weeping wound; the swords tip is covered in thick crimson.

The eastern Goblin is encouraged by its ally’s efforts; it draws and fires once again at Braêgan. Still struggling due to the claustrophobic conditions, its shot is highly telegraphed, allowing Braêgan to effortlessly block the projectile with the head of his Axe.

The Goblin which was previously in the passage between the 2 chambers rushes into the gap created when the Wolf moved, striking at Faxii with a scimitar as it does. Catching the Dwarf on the hop, the blade bypasses the shield, and slices through the upper torso.

Having recovered its weaponry, the Goblin in the in the east side of Klargs Chamber rushes west, finding an angle on Ravenclaw it fires. The gap is narrow and the arrow fails to make it through the passage.

The awakened Goblin stumbles to its feet, draws a blade and charges into the passage between the chambers.

Round 3

As he lies unconscious on the ground, the flow of blood from Perrins head seems to slow.

Storing her bow and drawing a longsword, Ravenclaw strikes at Klarg. However the Bugbear sees the incoming blow and blocks it.

Klarg laughs at Ravenclaw as it swings the morning star overhead; however the laughing quickly stops as the weapon hits a low area of the ceiling. Losing grip due to the impact, the Bugbear drops the weapon which smashes it on the head.

As Braêgan winds up to take a swing, the Bugbear drops low as it is impacted by its own weapon; causing the Great Axe to swing harmlessly over the monsters head.

Both Ah Do Rah and Faxii attempt to call forth a second round of flame attacks, but both lose focus as the target of their spells, hilariously, almost knocks itself unconscious.

Cali too feels the ice in her hand vanish as she begins laughing at the Bugbears misfortune.

As the Wolf attempts to strike at Faxii it is surprised to see its master suddenly shift towards it. Expecting to be disciplined the Wolf halts its attack and cowers temporarily.

The Goblin engaged with Braêgan tries to emulate its previous attack in the hopes of similar success, however Braêgan does not repeat his prior mistake; blocking the blow with the handle of his Axe.

The eastern Goblin, succumbs to the pressure of its situation, it fires an arrow wildly at Braêgan but the shot misses by a large margin.

The Goblin engaged with Ravenclaw tries to flourish its blade to confuse the fighter before striking. Ravenclaw may favour a bow, but is no slouch with a blade; and easily parries the blow.

The Goblin battling Faxii lashes out for the Dwarfs head, but its blade is met first by a shield, followed by a very angry looking face.

The Goblin in the passage hops from side to side, trying to find a path into the melee, unable to see any openings it opts to hold position.

Round 4

Though the blood had previously slowed, a large beat from the Halflings struggling heart forces blood to spray from Perrin’s gaping head wound; showering the surrounding area with thick crimson globules.

Seeing the fountain of claret erupt from her dying ally, Ravenclaw musters her remaining strength and strikes at the Bugbears neck. The blade slices through the tough flesh like a hot knife through butter, as Klarg turns to look where the blow came from, his head continues to turn far beyond where it would normally stop; it spins from his neck and bounces across the floor, the hulking beasts lifeless body collapsing at it does.

Distracted by the movement of the monstrosity to his side, Braêgan’s swing at the Goblin before him loses power, allowing the creature to parry the blow with a surprised look. Braêgan laughs, as he does a wave of energy surges through him, he gains a Second Wind.

Seeing Klarg finally go down, Faxii focuses on the Bugbears pet Wolf, pocketing the holy symbol and reaches for the Warhammer. As the dwarfs hand find the familiar handle, the Warhammer swings up from ground, catching the wolf under its head. The force is so powerful it dislocates the beasts jaw and flips it backwards, causing it to crash to the floor. Satisfied that it has met its end, Faxii turns to face the remaining Goblins.


With the Bugbear down, Ah Do Rah now has sight on the Goblin which has harassed Ravenclaw; with a flick of his scaly wrist he releases a Firebolt at the creature. The bolt strikes the Goblin centre mass, leaving a hole through its chest; as the sorcerer watches he sees the blackened heart disintegrate to ash before the Goblin slumps to the ground.

Determined to avoid any of her allies “Aiding” her, Cali launches a Ray of Frost at the Goblin pressed against the eastern wall. The ice streaks towards the Goblin, and although nimble enough to avoid the brunt of the blast, it none the less takes a portion of the damage; it’s speed reduced by the cold.

As its boss collapses to the ground, the Goblin fighting Braêgan begins to swing before stumbling back in shock. The blade misses Braêgan entirely.

Struggling against both the cold and the space, the eastern Goblin none the less tries to fire at Braêgan. However due to the blast from Cali’s spell, the arrow veers upward and strikes the ceiling.

Distracted by the arrow bouncing from the ceiling, the Goblin engaged with Ravenclaw half swings, half parries, causing it to miss the fighter entirely.

Seeing Faxii weaponless for a moment, the Goblin engaged with the dwarf strikes. The scimitar slams into the dwarfs shoulder, dealing significant damage.

Round 5

As Perrin’s body begins to lose its fight for life, the pool of blood around the Halfling grows larger.

Begin to feel her wounds take their toll; Ravenclaw attacks the Goblin before her. It is a half-hearted swing which the Goblin leaps over.

Buzzing with new found energy, Braêgan swings his Axe at the Goblin in front of him. The tingling in his arms from the adrenaline makes his strike powerful, but sloppy, and the Goblin ducks under it with little effort.

Seeing Faxii injured, Ah Do Rah immediately launches a Firebolt at the assailant. In his haste the flame falls short, scorching nothing but the ground.

Retaliating against the previous attack, Faxii swings the Warhammer. The Goblin tries to parry the blow, but the Warhammer continues unimpeded, almost knocking the creature from its feet.

Once again focusing the eastern Goblin, Cali raises her arm and emits a Ray of Frost in the creature’s direction. Seeing the telegraphed attack, the Goblin dodges the streak of cold, the ray barely glancing its cheek.

Angered by the death of its master, the Goblin screeches and resumes attacking Braêgan, swings its weapon over its head. Its excitement is short lived, as in a show of strength, Braêgan smashes the Goblins blade into the wall.

The eastern Goblin looses an arrow in Braêgans direction. Disorientated by the Cali’s spell, the projectile soars harmlessly over the damning wall.

Recoiling from the strike dealt by Faxii, The Goblin facing the dwarf tries a swing in response. The blade bounces harmlessly off the Clerics shield.

Beginning to anticipate Ravenclaws movements, the Goblin fighting her feigns a swing, before whipping the blade round and striking. Tired from combat, Ravenclaw attempts to parry the blow, but in doing so finds herself in a vulnerable stance. The Goblins blade bites deep into the fighter’s hip; Ravenclaw sways and staggers before hitting the ground.

Round 6

Perrin seems to rally slightly, as his body fights for breath.

Though bleeding heavily, Ravenclaw’s arm slumps over the wound; applying enough pressure to help stymy the flow of vital fluids.

Having pinned the Goblins scimitar against the poorly built wall, Braêgan smiles cruelly at the tiny Goblin that has harried him for so long, finally having room to move, the fighter raises his Axe high above his head. As the Great Axe comes crashing down, the tiny figure before him goes wide eyed and freezes in place, the blow is so powerful it splits the Goblin in 2.

Replacing the Warhammer on its hook, Faxii grabs the holy symbol and evokes fire around the Goblin nearest her. As the Goblin spins its scimitar looking to strike, the flame is batted away; thanks to luck more than skill. Glaring around the room, Faxii notes it is clearly a natural formation, with the exception of the poorly constructed north wall.

Hoping to help Cali end the eastern Goblin, Ah Do Rah hurls a Firebolt at the monster. Having almost dodged several of Cali’s previous assaults, the Goblin is getting quite good, and easily dodges the flame.

Seeing the furthest Goblin fell Ravenclaw anger washes over Wizard, drawing upon every ounce of arcane energy in reserve, she unleashes a Ray of Frost twice as large as normal. The beam of energy slams into the Goblin freezing it to the core and throwing it into the nearby wall, shattering its now fragile body into dozens of pieces.

A look of terror washes over the eastern Goblin having witnessed this display of power, as it is about to flee it finds what little resolve remains, and fires a shot at Braêgan. Fully Prepared for the arrow, Braêgan easily dodges it; and begins roaring ‘Argggghhhhh’ at the hapless creature.

Seeing its allies dead, and the anger in the eyes of its enemy, the Goblin by Faxii attempts to flee into the adjoining chamber, moving west toward the chimney stack.

Round 7

With 1 final splutter, Perrin’s body seems to fight through his injuries as he appears to now be stable.

The same cannot be said for Ravenclaw, whose arm slides off her waist allowing a surge of blood to rush from the gaping wound in her side.


Charging toward the last Goblin standing its ground, Braêgan cleaves upward with his Great Axe. The small frame creature is lifted off the ground and slammed into the wall, Braêgan watches its eyes go glassy as it slides down the Axe blade, its chest splitting further until it finally comes to rest on its collar bone.

Refusing to let the fleeing Goblin call for aid, Ah Do Rah gives chase, rounding the corner to see the Goblin desperately trying to scramble into the Chimney. Chuckling to himself, the Sorcerer flicks a final Firebolt at the struggling creature. The Flame arcs through the air, striking the Goblin in its hind quarters and hurling it forward; it goes crashing down the chimney. The sound of soft flesh slamming into rock reaches Ah Do Rah’s ears several times, followed by a final, wet, “Thud”.

Faxii and Cali rush to Ravenclaw and with their combined efforts are able to stabilise the downed Human.


Carry on looting

After a brief effort to loot the cavern Klarg was in, the 4 conscious party members find the following:

  • A large amount of general supplies, each bag and crate is stamped for delivery to Phandalin.
  • 600 Copper coins
  • 110 Silver coins
  • 2 Potions of healing
  • A small jade statuette of a frog with golden orbs for eyes.

As Faxii inspects the wall behind one of the crates, the Dwarf notices a small hole at the bottom. Investigating further, it appears to be a natural formation, but has been deliberately carved deeper; inside there is a small silver ball, with a metallic strut moving further into the hole. With a little effort, the Dwarf dislodges the item and pulls it out; it is a small ornate dagger.

  • 1 Ornate dagger




The best place to rest

As they party gathers their loot and their 2 unconscious allies by the supplies, they discuss what to do.

The est place to rest.png


Cali ‘We should gather what we can and retreat to the glade to rest’

Braêgan ‘I say we barricade the entrances to this room, and then wait until the others regain consciousness’

Faxii ‘We could take a short rest then continue’

Braêgan ‘What about using the health potions to rouse those 2, then take a short rest?’

Cali ‘A short rest isn’t going to give me enough time to recover, I won’t be able to cast anything big’

Ah Do Rah ‘I too need time for my energy to restore’


As the discourse continues, the conscious members decide to retreat to the grove for an extended rest to allow everyone to recover. As they leave, they take their looted items, 4 arrows that are salvageable, approximately half of the supplies, and the 2 unconscious members of the party.



Calling timeout                   (Day:2 – Time: 12:00)

The party reaches the grove without issue; the 4 conscious members begin to take watch:

  • 12:00 – Faxii takes first watch. The time passes without incident.
  • 14:00 – Braêgan takes second watch. The time passes without incident.
  • 16:00 – Ah Do Rah takes third watch. The time passes without incident.At this time Perrin and Ravenclaw regain consciousness; both accepted the offer to get a full 6 hours sleep.
  • 18:00 – Cali takes fourth watch. As she watches the cave, a Goblin emerges with a concerned look on its face; it looks around, blinking in the blinding daylight. As she watches, the creature does not appear to see her; it retreats back into the cave.
  • 20:00 – At this time Ah Do Rah, Braêgan and Faxii Cali and Faxii begin preparing spells, Ah Do Rah and Braêgan alternate taking watch.
  • 22:00 – Perrin and Ravenclaw awake, everyone eats. Using her carpenter tools, Ravenclaw begins to manufacture some arrows.
  • 23:00 – Ravenclaw finishes manufacturing 4 sub-par arrows. Borrowing Ravenclaw’s carpenter tools, Perrin begins manufacturing some arrows.Ah Do Rah sits silently and focuses for some time on the dagger which was recovered from the cave. Turning it this way and that as he inspects it, he checks the balance whilst occasionally spinning it in hand.
  • 00:00 – Perrin finishes manufacturing 4 sub-par arrows.

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