Overview of basic products

We can custom make items to your size and specifications , including custom embroidery, but here are some examples of our hand made leather and fabric dice bags, journal holders, dice trays and pouches.

We now also supply a large range of other accessories from wooden storage and 3d printed storage, gaming dice, official D&D spellcards, and are now starting to increase our stock to include minis and mini accessories, model kits for various table top rpgs and will soon be able to supply even more official D& D merchandise such as manuals.

Dragon scale dice bags (or LARP bags). prices start from £16.95 but we have some ready to send at sale price.

Hand made leather dice pouches in small and medium , with or without dice. Prices start from £4.95 and can be made in a variety of leathers and finishings

Hand made small flip pad notebook holders with removeable pad and pencil. Made in a variety of leathers and finishings. Pices start from £6.95 although we have some ready to send at reduced prices

Hand made A5 and A6 journal holders in leather. Can be made in a variety of styles and leathers. Refillable and holds several notebooks. Comes with a notebook and pencil. Prices start from £18.95 for A6 and £27.95 for A5 but we have some on sale at reduced price ready to send.

We also have a range of small wooden dice boxes / rolling trays, Leather dice trays, fabric bags, embroidered bags, reversible bags – not just for dice but can be custom made for dice towers or other items, paint brush and tool rolls, journal holders , Magic The Gathering embroidered playmats and more! As these are ready to go, details and photos will be updated.

Dice Bag Rolling Trays – Dragon Scale – These dice bags are made in real leather and can be left without lining or have an embroidered lining . They hold comfortably more than 3 sets of 7 poly dice and extra D20s and if you loosen the toggle elastic they become a rolling tray. Prices from £12.95

We make a wide range of fabric bags and embroidered bags. All our bags are lined and some can be made reversable. Prices start from £3.95. We also make a giant 30cm cube Bag Of Holding at £14.95

We have introduced a new line of healing potion sets.

Set comprises of :
Healing Potion
Greater Healing Potion
Superior Healing Potion
Supreme Healing Potion

Each jar contains the required amount of D4s and is clearly labelled with the name of the potion and the extra modifier to add.

They can be purchased without hand made leather case or with case in a variety of styles and leathers.
Cost for set of 4 jars without case – £21.95
Cost for set of 4 jars in leather case – £48.95

We now offer a large range of Poly Dice , D6 Pip dice and Artillery dice. Sets start from £3.95 but we also have a clearance range where you can buy individual dice or bundles at really low prices.

Our ever expanding new range of items include models, spellcards, minis and more:

We do have a number of items that are ready to send now so check out the album on our Facebook page to see current items including discounted sale items.

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