Welcome to The Creative Wizard’s workshop.

The Creative Wizard @Roll Initiative makes all types of accessories for popular table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering as well as general LARP.

The Wizard can make dice bags, leather journal holders, game mats, dice trays, embroidered dice bags, and leather dice bags. And more!

So contact our wizard for your RPGing needs.

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About The Creative Wizard

Overview of basic products

Leather bags & pouches

Embroidered bags

Fabric bags

Leather dice/valet trays

Cantilever Storage boxes

Leather flip notepad covers

Leather, refillable journal covers

Bag Of Holding

Real Leather Rolling Tray Dice Bags - Dragon Scale


Clearance Dice

Official D&D Spellcards

Minis & Mini Accessories

Battlemap Models, Terrains