Meet The Characters (Cali’s Campaign)

The yugoloths presented themselves as simply greedy mercenaries, willing to sell their services to both sides, while behind that public face, the members of their highest castes viewed the entire course of the conflict as their own thing to control and manipulate until they decided to end it, unify the fiendish planes and turn their... Continue Reading →

The General’s Orders

by Caliendria The Creative Wizard Based on the Campaign by Daniel Casey 'The Caverns of Midnight's Fools' Background A Book of Keeping has reportedly been acquired by a cult devoted to the worship and service of Asmodeus. The book holds the true names of every yugoloth in existence and whoever has the book controls the... Continue Reading →

The Chosen Campaign

For my first DM campaign I spent a while looking at ones that were already written. I am confident in being able to create a captivating story but wanted to have something tried and tested to base my story off. I chose to base my campaign on The Cavern Of Midnight's Fools by Daniel Casey.... Continue Reading →

Preparing to DM my first campaign

by Cali I am still a relatively new player, only just coming up to a year since I first started playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E. I am by no means an expert player yet. I have grasped the basics and am part of 2 long term campaigns and have completed several small campaigns and one... Continue Reading →

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