Battlemaps & extras

This page will be dedicated to 3D battlemaps items. At Roll Initiative we are blessed with a DM who spends time and money on designing and printing his own 3D battlemaps. There is no denying they are epic and we all gasp with amazement and excitement when he brings them out. The down side is they are very time consuming and not everyone can afford a 3D printer or afford the time into designing models for it.

So this page will have plenty of tips and tricks to making and modelling items to enhance your battlemap, along with props (because who doesn’t love a good prop, right?). Alot of the items are a ‘no real skill necessary’ thing so will appeal to people that have limited arts and crafts experience as well as accomplished Artisans. Most of all this is for fun and cheap , mainly using items from your recycle bin. If you have any tips and tricks of your own and would like to share them then go to our Facebook group and upload your photos and videos….

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