The Opposition Monsters

Daniel had a nice selection of Monsters for this campaign, most of which I am including but also felt I needed some interesting features and characters.

Firstly the Caverns have quite a nest of Kobolds. The main nest being near the goal but there will be some packs of 2-4 dotted around various tunnels and chambers.. I will plan the caverns with them in but also have a few held back for extra encounters should the campaign become stagnant at all.

There will be various direction each Kobold encounter can go and thee depend on how the party approach it. With some there will be available conversation options for help or hindrance depending on if the party try to engage with conversation or just attack.. I feel they are likely to attack but I may be surprised! I ill not give too much detail here incase one of my players accidently sees anything but will give a full account after the campaign ends.

Other hostile enemies include:

Chuul, Trolls, Fomorians, Basilisks & Darkmantles.

I am also toying with the idea of a Kenku which links to one of the kobold encounters but again cannot give details yet.


Kobold – Monster Mnual


Chuul – Monster Manual
Formorian – Monster Manual
Troll -Monster Manual
Cultist – Monster Manual
Cult Fanatic – Monster Manual
Guard Monster Manual
Duke Northport
Noble – Monster Manual
Hell Hound – Monster Manual
Spectator – Monster Manual
This Spectator was charged centuries before with guarding the library door and not allowing anyone to go through the door. He took this literally as he did not stop others making a hole in the wall of the library to enter. He has been starved for company and the party, if the choose can decide to talk to him rather than attack. They will actually gain alot of information if they ask the right questions, and perhaps with the right roll, get him to fight with them.
Archmage – Monster Manual

I also had some back up monster cards for Goblins, Bugbears, spiders, Dark Mantels etc.

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