The Cavern maps

So I decided that this should be a campaign to re -run. The myriad of caverns are on multiple levels and apart from a series of the last 4 ‘rooms/ areas’, the players can choose to go in any of the entrances and can come accross a multitude of npcs.

The first half of the campaign I decided to roll dice to decide which caverns they will enter. For example, rolling 1-10 would mean a room with no enemies but either traps or treasure or both. A roll of 11-20 would mean enemies. I then rolled for which enemies.

I decide the number of enemies would depend on how easy or hard things were progressing and how time was progressing.

To save time , I decided to use some old A3 sheets and draw out caverns in different shapes and cut out the interior so it can be laid on a grid map. I had my walls to add but drawing them out on grid maps can take ages, so I thought to save time the maps would be drawn out ready.

I then got an old exercise book and sketched out these maps and wrote list of options for how they can join to other maps, for example map A had several maps that lead off of it depending what i wanted them to encounter and also could be rotated to become another map.

The only caverns / rooms that were specific were the last 4. The first of them being a junction map, giving 3 choices. 1 branch leads to a vault, 1 leads to more caverns and the last which was man made. If they roll a good perception they will be given the details that it looks man made. This leads onto the end rooms.

Frmo this junction a large open room with marble pillars opens up to a box type room with a solid door and a Spectator in front of the door, seeming to have a conversation / arguement with itself.

This is where they can choose to just attack. They can choose to listen for clues, approach and possibly ascertain a way into the library without fighting the Spectator and perhaps even have the Spectator fight with them. It all depends how the players decide to approach this room, what the ask and how well they roll.

Next after pulling a hidden lever in the library it leads down a staircase to the final 2 rooms. First a ‘pod’ of rooms occupied by cultist and cult fanatics and hell hounds and then the final ceremonial room leading to Sunstrad performing the ritual with the book, more cultist, soldiers,hell hounds and the Duke.

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