Other planning

I had an idea to have some puzzle rooms that would reveal more treasures.

I purchased some wooden geometric puzzles and cut holes in the back of their box to the shape of each completed puzzle, then painted it t look like stone. If the players roll high enough investiagtion they will see a key to a vault gate can be obtained by inserting objects of a specific shape into a series of holes in the wall. They hopefully will find the pieces and would successfully build the shapes and solve the puzzle. I was a fan of The Crystal Maze as a child!

Sadly, due to some inventive use of abilities, they managed to get into the treasure without even seeing the puzzles and key. Partly because the characters were OP and should have had more restrictions on their abilities and partly because I had not anticipated some of their movements and kind of had to just let them get on with it.

As far as treasures, i made sure there was something to find in almost every room. I placed healing potions, and special magic items , useless items and funny useless magical items throughout. They did not need any of them as the combat was so unbalanced in their favour but it made for some funny moments.

I also decided to help me keep track of combat, especially with so many possible enemies, I used coloured dots on our initiative tracker pegs and on an a4 pad, wrote out pages of possible enemy encounters and had a coloured dot by each enemy.

I did this ahead of time and so put extra enemies to what I thought i would need but I thought it would save time and be helpful in keeping ontop of the combat. I do think it was a good thing to do. it did not take too long and yes it technicially meant i wasted some paper and dots doing more than i expected i would need, but it definately saved time once initiative was rolled. As was using alot of paper minis I also put the coloured spots on them to.

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