Cali’s Yugoloth One Shot – Update

Sadly, due to real life commitmments, my Yugoloth one shot had to be postponed to October. It has finally been booked for the 26th October 2019 and will be part of David’s birthday celebration. I am creating all my npc sheets and working on the various caverns and layouts and will be uploading them in due course.

I am trying to find the perfect balance of treasure rooms, containing helpful items to aid them finish the campaign, and enemy rooms with a mix of challenges including traps and puzzles. My profession is a costume designer and I love building and using props so am including props for some of the puzzle rooms, not necessarily made. I have purchase some wooden puzzles that I plan to have the pieces scattered about a cavern and they will need to be assembled into the 3d shapes that then fit into slots in the wall to release an object or open a door… I am not sure the exact mechanics yet and I do not know if it will be a super hit with the players or if it will get a thumbs down but I wanted to try something a bit different.

It seems the players are all excited and I hope I can live up to that. I am still quite nervous but I will give you an honest review and you can see the mistakes that perhaps I make and maybe it will help you to work on your own first DM campaign.

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