Cali’s DM Journey 2 – Long term solo campaign

Whilst waiting for my upcoming Yugoloth campaign, I have been feeling more excited to become a DM and have felt sorry for husband, David, who is only playing in one long term campaign and has not been a player in as many one shots because he is one of our 2 DM’s. I get to play every couple of weeks in different campaigns and have played a few different characters now. So I decided to create a long term solo campaign to run for him. It also means I can hopefully gain some confidence in the voice aspect of RP for NPCs.

Anyone that follows us on Twitter or Facebook, in our various groups and on our pages, will know that I am a super Critcal Role fan. I eagerly wait for a Friday evening for the next installment of The Mighty Nein. I am in love with all the characters and most of all feel that Matt Mercer is the most incredible voice actor in the world, ever. I know some are of the opinion he ruins being a DM in DND because he is simply perfection when it comes to creating the npcs and indeed the world they exist in and that the average person just cannot live up to or compete with that.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to create a solo campaign in Exandria for David. We had not watched a lot of Vox Machina due to the poor quality of the initial episodes recording. but recently we were told to watch from episode 18 as that is when they changed to a new format and everything was a bit more polished recording wise. This incidently, was the first episode with Felicia Day and followed with the first appearances of Wil Wheaton on their show and being the geek that I am,, love both these actors… (I had heard of the ‘Wheaton effect’ but until watching I did not realise it’s extent. He literally smashes all rules of probability with his natural ones and most roles under 5!)

We now are enjoying binge watching the first campaign, though I know that my love of Fjord, Jester, Caleb and Nott, Mollymauk and Mr Clay will not be surpassed.

I invested in the Taldorei campaign setting book and started writing the basic premise for the campaign.

David chose to roll a Tiefling sorceror / fighter that lives in the city of Emon called Otrovac. He lived a very sheltered and isolated life due to his demonic appearance. His family feared for his safety and kept him pretty much hidden , his father taught him to fight to protect himself and as he grew his powers started to reveal themselves. Books were his only friends and he developed a thirst for knowledge. In this he learnt of Ioun, The Knowing Mistress and adopted her as his deity.

It seems Ioun was not ignorant to this lonely tiefling and saw his potential.

I decided the basic story is that it has come to Ioun’s attention that there are a series of Tomes dedicated to each Betrayer God. Each tome has the secrets to releasing each of these gods into the material plane. Ioun charges Otrovac with the task of finding and destroying each of these tomes. She visits him in a dream to offer him this trial and to engage him as one of her champions. She follows this with visions that show him people and places he must journey to in order to find the path to each tome.

The tomes are spread about Taldorei, Wildemount, Marquet and Issylra.

I have tried to put in a fair amount of Easter Eggs to Vox Machina and The Mighty Nein, and tried where possible to add details that exist purely as a result of actions they have taken. I have been a little vague as to the time setting. When Otrovac starts his journey it is after the end of Vox Machina but it is sometime just before or just after The Mighty Nein have started their journey. This was mainly as I was worried the conflict with the Dwendalian Empire versus the Kryn Dynasty could result in alot of destruction of land and I was concerned that if that happened it could ruin my story. There is still a possibility that things will not quite aline depending on where the Mighty Nein go from here but this is a story completely unrelated to the Critcal Role adventurers and so it can be viewed as a different reality perhaps, so I won’t get to hung up about it. The Easter eggs are as much for me as for David or our listeners.. And they do cause me great anxiety as I know he will head to places where he could potentially bump into favourite npcs, such as Pumat Sol – then I have to try and impersonate them which I have no hope of doing justice.

We have finally finished the visions and done a sort of session zero where Otrovac has collated all his research and is preparing to leave his home.

The visions and recordings are (or are about to be) uploaded so you can follow the journey either by reading the story or listening. There is no set frequency with which we will be having these solo session. Sadly real life and work will mean we cannot do it every day and sometimes every week, but we are hoping to have sessions as often as possible and will upload them as soon as possible afterwards.

Hopefully you will enjoy the story as it develops and will see improvement in my skills as a DM. As this is expected to be a very long term campaign, I plan on having one shots within it where we will have guest players and have several ideas for where these will slot in. I have done a lot of prep but was anxious to not railroad the story and it will very much be down to the decisions Otrovac makes as to where we journey and how the story unfolds.

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