Otrovac’s Sixth Vision

The Player:
David JackmanTiefling (Mephistopheles)Sorcorer(Lvl3)/ Fighter(Lvl2)
The DM:
Kerry Jackman

Despite the weight of the task laid out ahead of him, Otrovac falls asleep quickly.

As with previous visions, this one starts the same way. His vision flying up, far above his home.

As before, he seems to soar through the sky, flying higher and higher, seemingly in an Easterly direction, across the continent of Taldorei and over the ocean.

The sea breeze and salty air hits him as he swoops beneath the clouds and closer to the water. Land starts to appear in the distance, and as he flies closer, he seems to follow the coastline towards the South and then back to face the East. Below him there is a large port, and busy docks with workers bustling back and forth with crates. The coast continues in an East / South Easterly direction until Octravac can see another busy port city.

He flies in closer and as his vision becomes more focused, he sees a large tower in the centre of the city. As he gets closer, he sees the tower stands alone, with no immediately surrounding buildings. Curiously, he notices there are no doors and windows around this tower, yet there are some balconies dotted around. The tower has a sharp pointed roof and does not seem to be made of normal stone. Instead, it is a mix of dark and light green flecked stone, emerald perhaps? The closer Otrovac gets to this strange tower and the more he inspects it, the more he feels there is something off with its perspective, which now, as he stops just in front of it, seems to reach 4-500ft tall.

He hovers a short way up the building and starts floating towards the wall. It appears to almost become transparent as he moves into the building.

Infront of him are 2 figures in a room that looks somewhat like a study. One, a goblin – shockingly well dressed and seemingly civilised, which is contrary to everything Otrovac has read about goblins. He wears a pair of spectacles across his bulbous nose and he is completely bald. Unlike any goblin picture he has ever seen, this goblin is clean and well groomed.

The other figure, an aged male elf, with light brown skin and stark white hair. It feels like he is a little shorter than the average elf. He is wearing a long robe of woven threads that mimic the shimmer of gold.

The two figures are in conversation and the elf is holding an object which is clearly the object of their conversation. It is a gold coloured metal looking ball. It is smooth but seems to have cravings in rings around it or perhaps it has been made from a number of rings that slot together to form a perfect spherical smooth ball?

Otrovac’s vision is pulled to one of the large bookshelves. All the books are blurred and out of focus, except one. It is a worn black leather-bound book with a familiar spider symbol on its spine.

From behind him, Otrovac hears Ioun:


He looks down to see his pendant is glowing and the warmth from it radiates throughout his body.

Everything goes dark.

Slowly he begins to open his eyes to find himself tucked up in bed with daylight just breaking through his window.

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