Otrovac’s Third Vision

The Player:
David Jackman Tiefling (Mephistopheles) Sorcorer(Lvl3)/ Fighter(Lvl2)
The DM:
Kerry Jackman

Once again, Otrovac is eager to bed.

And just as before, he is soon asleep.

A familiar feeling once again takes hold. His vision again leaves his body and out of his home, flying higher and higher above his home city Emon.

This time flying in an easterly direction as best he can tell. He sees a crossroads approaching in the distance. Just before the crossroads he sees forest areas to the left and right and even further to left he sees a familiar mountain range.

As he reaches the crossroads, he suddenly swoops around to the right, moving South – South East.

On his right now lies a lush green forest which continues far into the distance. To the left he sees a smaller forest…not so much green but seemingly white with snow.

He circles this forest area and see it is followed by a white tipped mountain range.

Suddenly his movement breaks again as he swoops down into the forest area and sees a small clearing where there are a series of buildings. And quickly he is drawn through the door of a larger building. Everything moves too fast to really see and note any of the buildings details, though this seems obviously larger than the others that look more like simple huts and homes within this small settlement.

Once inside you look around to see the inside of a simple tavern. Everyone is a little out of focus apart from a figure in the corner.

A young man, human, with short brown hair and spectacles resting on the edge of his nose. He seems to be studying some maps laid out in front of him on the table.

Otrovac glides in closer. The maps seems to be of Tadlorei. One in particular catches his eye. He cannot be sure but thinks it looks like the very South of the continent.

Looking up at the man, Otrovac notices he is missing his right arm.

His gaze is drawn back to the table and this one particular map. He tries hard to control the focus and he just about reads the word ‘Rifenmist’.

Suddenly a loud back as a strong gust of wind blows the window open. The gust of wind blows all the maps across the table. They all blur except for one. A letter in fact:

He barely finishes reading the letter when, once again, he is pulled out and into the air.

His visions spins around and looks to the South, passed the mountains as he hears a familiar voice:


Otrovac takes control and spins around to get a glimpse of Ioun, but again she is not there. He looks down to his pendant. It is glowing and he is filled with that radiating warmth.

He wakes in his bed with the sun shining through his window.

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