Otrovac’s Second Vision

The Player:
David Jackman Tiefling (Mephistopheles)Sorcorer(Lvl3)/ Fighter(Lvl2)
The DM:
Kerry Jackman

Otrovac spent the day reading everything he could but he struggled to stay on track, constantly distracted by what he experienced the night before. The calm, the warmth and the intense spiritual encounter with Ioun. The puzzle been laid out before him, his thirst for knowledge, eager to learn more.

Night could not come quick enough for him.

He had no difficulty falling asleep, which is curious as he had always found it difficult to sleep when his mind was so active.

He opened his eyes. Like an eagle he seemed to be soaring through the air. Flying almost. Not actually physically flying but his vision made it seem so and it was exhilarating.

As he flies down just beneath the clouds, he sees his hometown of Emon.

He soars above the city then seems to fly a little north then swoop around to the East as much as he could tell.

As he soars through the skies, he sees mountains in the North and soon directly beneath him. There seems to be some sort of quarry. A couple of imposing pillars above the quarry stand proud – an entrance maybe?

Suddenly he swoops down and through the pillars, moving so fast it is hard to take everything in.

He starts to notice what seems to be a huge underground metropolis with extravagant and detailed masonry. There are symbols above elaborate stone carved archways. Though not fluent in speaking many other languages, he has taught himself to read the basics in many. He recognises the symbols as Dwarvish but is moving far too fast to try and decipher it.

Without warning, his vision is being pulled very fast, almost like warp speed, everything flashing before him. Then as abruptly as it began to move, it halts, hovering in place.

It seems to be a shopping or market district. Merchant stalls and shops. Nothing is fully in focus, except for one sign. Octravac studies the letters. He managers to pick out the first 2 letters or the first and third sign…V. A…, he concentrates some more reconising the O… ‘Value of Valor’

He begins to move in gently towards the open shop door. There is a tall elf behind the counter, long black hair pulled behind his ears.

Behind him he hears a soft familiar voice: ‘Tharizdun’

Otrovac quickly turns in the hope of seeing Ioun, but she is not there.

He feels a shadow of disappointment. He looks down to his pendant and sees it start to glow. He is filled with the familiar warmth that radiates through his entire body.

He wakes feeling rested and quickly sets to writing everything he remembers and pulls out his maps of Taldorei.

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