Otrovac’s Fourth Vision

The Player:
David JackmanTiefling (Mephistopheles) Sorcorer(Lvl3)/ Fighter(Lvl2)
The DM:
Kerry Jackman

Otrovac has spent the day reading, studying maps and trying to gleam any further details about the places and people in his dreams so far. He also has started writing a list of things he may need when he starts his journey.

As it reaches early evening, he starts to feel the temptation to jump into bed, but as it is far too early, he makes a warm drink and sits over the maps he has collected so far.

Eventually it is late enough to be considered bedtime and so he settles down for the night.

Before too long he is fast asleep and as with the previous nights, he is suddenly soaring in the air.

This time, slightly differently, he seems to fly up even higher, so he can only just make out the land beneath him. As far as he can tell he is heading directly East. Soon the land beneath disappears and all he can see is the blue ocean.

He starts to see land again and begin to descend a little. He starts to bear more to the North then where he sees a large city followed by what looks like wildlands and mountains. As he continues, he sees what looks like a swamp land also. Looking across the vast mountain range it seems to have been split in two. He flies in lower to see a set of large wooden gates. He flies over. Curiously the colour seems to drain. It seems like there is a forest but no greens, instead greys and purples. Looking around there seems no sign of movement form wildlife, and some areas look to be like a mire or swamp.

A small settlement comes into view, a small town perhaps but it looks in poor order.

He flies in a little lower again and can see there is a large central street that runs around the tree line.

He notices a larger 2 storey building – it stands out as no other building looks so well kept in this town or village. His vision keeps moving. Maybe a dozen miles or so. More swamp land, more strange colour trees.

Eventually he sees a what looks like a small crypt, a graveyard perhaps with a small ‘temple’. The plant life surrounding this is particularly strange. Thorns and barbed vines encroaching over the land. There is just a small area around the temple and graveyard that looks untouched by this decay, and in fact in complete contrast, has the most colourful plant life.

There are 3 tall iron fence rings around the temple and grounds, seemingly keeping the barbed vines and grey thorns from encroaching further into this small pocket of paradise.

Descending closer towards this temple, he sees a body slumped in the doorway.

A female elf, maybe half-elf lay unconscious. She has long black hair decorated with green ribbons. She is almost entirely covered by a long green hooded cloak.

A gust of wind blows the hair from her face. It reveals black dragon scales down the entire right side of her face. (her right, not yours as you look at her)

Otrovac looks down and see she has been badly wounded; a pool of blood starts to seep through her clothing and into the cloak.

He hears a familiar voice behind him and the touch of a hand on is shoulder.

‘Save her’ Ioun whispers.

Before he has chance to look around at Ioun his vision is pulled up in the air again. He travels back towards the mountains and everything drops out of focus apart form a small cave entrance, disguised by a nest of grey leafless trees.

The voice returns:


Once again Otrovac is filled with the warmth radiating through his body, his pendant glows and he wakes in his bed.

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