Otrovac’s Fifth Vision

The Player:
David JackmanTiefling (Mephistopheles)Sorcorer(Lvl3)/ Fighter(Lvl2)
The DM:
Kerry Jackman

Troubled by the previous nights vision Otrovac goes out to collect more maps on Wildemount and starts to try and work out where this person was. This strange decay affecting the trees and grass and importantly the location of this temple or graveyard where this young woman lay injured. You are concerned as to whether this has already happened,  or has not yet come to pass. If it is now happening or recently happened, then there is no way you could reach this girl in time.  If it is the future then how much time do you have? And how is saving her going to help with finding the book of Tiamat?

Before he realises it, the day is gone, infact he has worked through most of the evening. He grabs some food as he is unsure how long it has been since he ate properly and suddenly realises how hungry he is.

Eventually he steps away from his research and clambers into bed. He is excited as always as to what Ioun will show him, but he is troubled still form the previous night.

Soon he drifts off and as each night previous, his vision rises up into the air. Again much higher than the first few nights. From Emon he seems to fly directly East and starts crossing the ocean again. This time his flight seems directly East from Emon, not veering at all until he reaches land. As he comes across the land he starts to move more towards the South and he flies towards the ocean south of the land.

He seems to slow as he is over the ocean but surrounded by smaller islands. He suddenly loops around to almost face the West. He proceeds to fly down towards an island which seems to home a large port and docks.

As he moves in closer he sees the lead up to this port is scattered with a number of shipwrecks, and what seems to be a shallow reef.

This island has jagged cliffs surrounding the docks. There seems to be a channel that leads to the docked ships.

He descends over the port and into the settlement. He swoops into a rather rowdy seeming tavern or Inn.

Everyone is a little out of focus, but many seem to be rather dishevelled, drunk and very loud.

He notices a quiet patron sat in the corner. A bald headed human male. He has dark skin and gaunt features and is wearing a heavy weathers leather coat. Infront of him sits a plate of food that seems somewhat untouched. He seems to be casually pushing the food around his plate but does not actually eat anything

Suddenly he is pulled out and up into the air. He flies so fast, to fast to really gauge which direction, but comes to a stop above a small island in the middle of a reef.

You hear Ioun’s voice as each night before:


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