Xodri Roszner

Played by Phil Dawson

(picture will be added soon)

Xodri is a scion of one of the great noble families of Waterdeep. A Gnomish family who jealously guard their privilege and place in the City of Splendors, Waterdhavian nobles have a reputation across Faerûn for being eccentric, spoiled, venal, and, above all else, rich.

Xodri, however, has always been an outsider within his family, the child of an unsactioned tryst, he is treated with contempt by his relatives, and is only considered a member of the house due to their inability to prove Xodri is otherwise; despite all efforts made. Xodri has spent considerable amount of his youth bringing the house’s name into disrepute, something that has brought him immense satisfaction, making sure it is always enough to embarrass his family; but never offering cause to ostracise him.

Xodri’s family house was built off the backs of broken beings, slavery, and yet now all they are remembered for is their business savey in buying good land at low prices; and of course the excellent wine which bares the family’s crest. They are a despicable lot, and though Xodri does not wish to see them brought low, all the nobles houses are built on dark pasts. He likes to write songs to remind people that the great and good of this city are no better than the criminals they now employ to do their dirty work.

Xodri now works to highlight the best in this world, singing of the deeds of those who rise to greatness, not through family ties or fortunate birthwrites; but hard work, cunning and defiance of the odds.

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