Otrovac’s First Vision

Session 1 – June 2019

DM : Kerry Jackman

Otrovac, Lvl 5 Tiefling Sorceror / Fighter: David Jackman

 It’s approaching 3 in the morning.
Otrovac has barely slept but is desperately tired.

He has not been sleeping soundly for some months now. Every night he wakes after broken visions and fractured dreams. Flashes of something seemingly important has invaded his ‘was peaceful’ dreams of late. Every time he wakes, he has the sense of urgency, the feeling that he has something important t do, something woven in his destiny, something he cannot control, but when he wakes, he cannot recall any details.

Now he wakes for the third time this night. He gets up and boils some milk in a pan. He pours it into a mug and stirs in a spoon of honey. As he stirs his mind begins to wander through his recent dreams trying to piece any information together, but he cannot.
It is like a jigsaw puzzle that has no picture – he simply does not know where to start.

He takes his sweetened milk to his bed, rearranges his pillows into an incline against the wall. He gets into bed and starts sipping his milk.
It starts to rain. As he lays back against his pillows, he hears an annoyingly repetitive drip outside his window... Then he relaxes into it and feel perhaps it will help him drift off.

Eventually he starts to drift into a deep slumber. He hears a voice ‘Otrovac…Otrovac…’ At first the voice is so quiet he can barely hear it, then it starts to get louder and more audible. It is a voice like he had never heard before. Soft and warm yet with an authoritive but motherly tone.

‘Otrovac…. Otrovac I need you Otrovac’

As the voice grows clearer, he starts to see a robed figure moving towards him, slowly coming into focus.

He sees an old woman with long wavy silver hair. Her skin is weathered yet soft looking. She is wearing blue and white robes and seems to be floating towards him. He head is bowed, and her arms stretched out in front of her. The bottom of her robe seems to morph into long tendrils of parchment scrolls. As she gets closer, she raises her head. Her eyes are purple and mesmerising.

Otrovac recognises this figure as his God, Ioun, The Knowing Mistress.

Ioun: ‘Otrovac, I need you. You have a great destiny, one of more importance than you could fathom.’ She pauses and looks at him. ‘I know you have heard me calling you for some time.’ She looks sad for a moment: ‘I am not the strength I once was. My wound, even after all this time is still not healed.’

She opens her robe to show him a black elliptical hole from a few inches below her breasts running down past her naval. It seems to be a hole of nothingness.

Otrovac sees this wound and knows it to be the one inflicted in her battle with Tharizdun.

She closes her robe and reaches out to touch Otrovac’s shoulder: ‘Besides, you were not ready to hear me…and now you are’.
Ioun: ‘I have watched you for some time. Your thirst for knowledge is pleasing to me. I know you have felt alone and isolated from the rest of the mortals that surround you. I am sorry that you did not experience the love and comfort of companions and friends, but know that it had to be this way, to prepare you for what is ahead.
Know that you have a great power within you, and that power is growing.

Your life has revolved around your books and ever hungry appetite for more knowledge. This is what will help you fulfil your destiny. Never turn away an opportunity to learn more.’
She pauses. She gently runs her delicate hand across his forehead and down the side of his face and looks at him.:’ You are capable of so much.’ She pulls away and turns.

‘This is no easy task. You will face unimaginable hardships, and I can do little to help you. I know you have read of the battle myself and my fellow Prime Deities have faced against the Betrayer Gods. I know you have read of each of the battles and how we made the Divine Gate to keep the Betrayers from entering your plain again. We had t prevent another Calamity. The Divergence was a necessary event.
But the battles are not over.

There still exists many worshippers to each of the Betrayers. Shortly after the Divergence, some of these cults recorded tomes that hold rituals to release the Betrayer Gods and allow them to walk the material plane once more.
Because of the Divine Gate, the Prime Deities could do little to stop them or even confiscate the books as they existed on the material plane.

We were, however, able to select our champions to seek out these cults and take away the tomes.’

She looks full or regret and anger:’ It was foolishness to ignore their danger. They should have been destroyed. These tomes held information on how to release not only the Betrayer Gods, but also the Prime Deities. This caused indecisiveness between the deities. Some of us wanted to destroy the tomes, other to hide them in case we had need of them.

Many champions fell over the decades and these tomes have been lost in time, but they should not have been forgot.

I have been watching and listening to many, not just you my child. I have seen the intent of those that would release the evils and destroy all of creation. This cannot come to pass.

I must charge you with the task of finding all 8 tomes. I have seen clues for the locations of 7 of them. Alas so far, I have not seen that of the Ruiner. However, I have faith in you and your ability to find it. I can tell you each time is bound in blood-soaked leather and each has the symbol of their God on the front and the back. I cannot see their precise location, but I can show you what you need to see to find them.’

She raises her hand and touches the pendant Otrovac wears on a simple chain around his neck. It is the holy symbol of Ioun, The Knowing Mistress. As she touches it, Otrovac looks down and it glows with a golden light. She smiles.

Ioun: ‘I cannot interfere with events on your plane. I cannot aid you physically in your tasks. But know I am watching. Keep this pendant on you, and while you wear it, I will be watching over you. I will lead you to wear you need to go.

I will visit you for the next 7 nights, in your dreams. Each night I will show you the path to each of the 7 tomes. When you wake each day, you must record all that you have seen. Write it down. Everything, even that which may seem insignificant. I will then, not visit you again until it is the right time. Have faith in me as I do in you.’

She looks into Otrovac’s eyes: ‘Will you accept this charge?’

Otrovac: ‘Yes, I will.’

She smiles again, she lifts her hand to his horns and pulls his head forward. She leans in and gently kisses his forehead.
Otrovac feels a warmth radiate through his body. He has the sensation of floating in the air.

He opens his eyes.

The sun is shining through the window and he is in his bed. The half mug of milk, cold on his bedside cabinet.
He feels amazing. He feels rested, but not just rested, he feels rejuvenated.

Otrovac looks down at his chest, at his pendant. He grasps it in his hands. This was not just a dream.

He quickly gets up and throws on some clothes. He runs to his vast book collection and pulls out everything he has on the Calamity, The Divine Gate, The Prime Deities and The Betrayer Gods. He pays particular attention to the symbols that represent the Betrayers. He pulls out a fresh journal and begins writing. He writes about his vision. He starts collating all the information he can that he thinks will be of use.

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