Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Session 3 – “The Common Taters”

The Players:
Kerry JackmanXenyaWood-Elf Druid
Phil DawsonInquisitor MollariiKobold Monk
Mathew EnglandAlgrith GiantfeetDwarf Rogue
Sam PhilpottMathosHalf-Orc Barbarian
The Dungeon Master:
David Jackman
Magical Items By:
DandyBeyond @DandyBeyond twitter.com/DandyBeyond

ReCap – Zhentarim Warehouse, ground level

We join the gang as they are just entering the ground floor of the warehouse. They have seen what looks like a Kenku dressed in Zhentarim garb hid behind a pile of crates. The Kenku has not seen the party.

Immediately before Mathos enters the room fully she reaches out to touch his shoulder and casts Resistance on him.

Xenya then stands in the corner of the doorway and ready her poison gas in case any enemy comes close enough to the door.

Mathos Rages and runs up to the Kenku, blocking him from moving.

Algrith runs into the room and moves passed Mathos and turns to face the Kenku and Mathos.

Mollarii runs in to get a clear view and fires with his slingshot. The rock hits him square in the face.

The group see there is a second Kenku hidden further behind the crates.

One of the kenku’s shouts: ‘Tie up the pretty boy in the back room’

The kenku infront of Mathos tries to hit him with his shortsword but is clearly frightened looking up at the towering hunk of muscle that is stood over him and misses with his thrust.

Xenya steps forward to have a direct line of sight on the kenku trying to attack Mathos. Once again she turns her hand and blows a cloud of her poison spray directly at him. He sees her do this as she appears behind Mathos and he inhales deeply before the spray reaches him and holds his breath til the spray dissipates.

The other kenku shouts: ‘follow the yellow signs in the sewers’. Then he fires his shortbow as Algrith and catches his shoulder.

Another Kenku appears from the far door. He shouts: ‘no time to loot the place, just get him to the boss’ and fires his shortbow at Mathos. Which hits him but has little effect on the raging Barbarian.

Mathos looks at the Kenku in front of him, he looks at Tina and smiles and gives an enormous swing towards the little Kenku, who ducks out of the way. Frustrated, Mathos moves around him to be in range of both the Kenkus behind the crates.

Algrith takes cover from some crates and takes a shot with his bow at one of the Kenkus and it is a good shot. This kenku has already been hit by Mollarii’s sling shot and is noticeably hurting.

Mollarii drops his sling and pulls out his spear and runs in to attack the kenku. He misses but follows with a roundhouse kick which plants firmly.

The kenku that Algrith shot tries to fire back but misses.

Another kenku appears from behind the door and fires at Algrith. Algrith falls to the floor.

Xenya runs up to the fallen Dwarf and grabs him, casting Cure Wounds on him. She quickly steps back to avoid being to close to the enemies.

The Kenku in front of Mathos tries to swing with his sword and epically fails, and stares at his sword as it leaves his hands and flies over Mathos’ shoulder.

Mathos sees the one kenku is now without his blade and turns his attention to the second Kenku near him. Unfortunately the pent up rage is possibly too much for Mathos and he misses again.

Algrith brings himself to his feet. He leaves his bow on the floor and pulls out his blades. It seems his brush with death has shaken him somewhat and with his first swing his sword flies out of his hand and across the warehouse floor. He thrusts with his dagger and the Kenku blocks the attack.

Mollarii thrusts at the wounded Kenku with his spear and the kenku bends over in pain as Mollarii quickly follows with an uppercut to his beak which shatters it back into his skull. The kenku’s eyes glaze and he slumps to the floor.

Mollarii pulls his spear out of the kenku and runs to the kenku by Algrith to flank him.

One of the kenkus by Mathos takes a swing with his sword….it too flies over his shoulder and onto the floor.

Mollarii, having just finished off one of the enemies, looks around at the weapons all over the floor!

Another Kenku takes a swing at Algrith and he again falls to the floor.

Seeing this Xenya runs in to Algrith again. She attempts to spray her poison gas at the kenku who clearly takes almost the full brunt of the poison. She turns slightly and shouts ‘Heal’ at Algrith, bringing him back round.

One of the Kenkus takes a shot at Mathos, but again it barely grazes the strong raging half orc.

Mathos, frustrated, at his previous failures, grunts and takes a massive swing at the kenku infront of him and he hacks at his neck. A disturbing bloody, gorey mess remains.

Algrith brings himself to his feet and stabs at the wounded Kenku that has taken him down twice, with his dagger. He grabs the kenku by the scruff of the neck and repeatedly stabs at him with his dagger until he goes limp.

Mollarii runs forward to engage with one of the other kenkus with his spear and quickly follows with another roundhouse kick. The kenku is looking very hurt.

Xenya, fearing the last time she tried to hit an enemy with her quarterstaff she ended up unconscious, she takes a gulp and charges over to kenku near Mathos and tries to club him on the head with the intent of knocking him out but not killing him. As she charges she shouts to her companions ‘my healing kits are in my right pouch’. She takes a moment as the kenku slumps to the floor unconscious, to reflect on how useful she has been in this combat, compared to her first night in Waterdeep.

With all of the kenku dead apart from the one unconscious, the clean up begins. They retrieve their weapons and distribute the kenkus weapons between them all. None of those weapons are worth anything but are serviceable. The arrows however are sub standard. The party also takes the zhentarim armbands that look more authentic than their existing ones. Mathos uses his knot tieing skills to restrain the unconscious kenku and puts him on his back and wears him as a back pack.

Xenya walks up to the door to the courtyard to try and peak through any gaps to see if there are more people out there.

Mollarii starts investigating to see if he can find the back room that the kenku mentioned earlier.  He notices the wall behind the stairs and notices something does not look right about the wood panels. He starts pressing his hands around the panels and applies a little pressure. He hears a click and sees a secret door open. Xenya starts her way towards him.

Algrith heads towards the door that the other kenkus came from. He checks and there does not seem to be a trap and the door is not locked. Mathos starts heading over to Algrith and the door.

Mollarii readies his spear at the secret door and gestures to Xenya to look in the room. She comes up to the door and investigates the room. It is pitch black and it looks like perhaps a contraband room as there are no visible doors just a few dusty crates.

Algrith peers into the room behind the door and sees what looks like very old crates that have not been disturbed for a while. As Mathos reaches the room, that Algrith is stood by he puts the unconscious kenku down and holds his axe ready for any enemies.

Meanwhile Mollarii enters the room and attempts to look in the crates. Instead he is somewhat distracted by the level of dust on the crates and the lack of gravel he has found in the warehouse. Xenya attempt to investigate what is in the crates. One of the crates contains a potato and nothing else. One crate has a ring but nothing else of interest. She looks at them curiously, shows them to Mollarii and suggests it must be something to be in a secret room, perhaps they can take it to someone to identify so lets put them in my bag and we will find someone to help when we get out of here. She is sure the potato is not just a potato, but she cannot say why. The ring looks like it is probably silver but nothing remarkable but best to check.

Algrith and Mathos discover in the corner of their room, lies a pile of tarpaulin type material. On further inspection they realise it is a person cowering in the corner. There are untied ropes by his feet which look like perhaps he has escaped. He looks up at the Dwarf and Half Orc and pleads for them to not hurt him. He talks in a posh voice and is wearing some purple. Mathos moves into the room further , axe ready: ‘ Who are you?’

‘My name is Renaer’ he stammers. ‘Renaer Neverember’.

Mathos: ‘Why are you here?’

Renaer: ‘The zhentarim thinks that my father embezzled a large amount of gold dragons and hid them. They think they can find it by using some old artefact called the Stone of Galore. Which until recently has been with the Xanather’s guild but apparently someone stole it from them. The Zhents thought I knew something about it all, but I have not spoken to my father for years. The Zhents bought me in here and tied me up. I heard the kerfuffle out there and untied myself, but I really do not know what is going on’

Mollarii heads out of the secret room and starts looking around the warehouse for some kind of secret door to the sewers and also starts checking the crates. Xenya follows him.

Algrith: ‘we have been sent to find Floon and yourself’.

Renaer: ‘if you are going to rescue Floon, I want to come with you’

Mathos clearly is untrusting of this character and suggest he should be tied up. Algrith looks Renaer over and feeling he is a good judge of character, is sure that Renaer is who he says he is and is being genuine.

Mathos relents to Algrith’s judgement but makes it clear he will be watching and stocking close to Renaer.

Before they leave the room, Mathos checks the couple of crates. Mathos seemed to struggle and was unable to work out how the crates open.

Mollarii finds no sign of passage to the sewers. He walks over to the door to the courtyard to peer out and keep a look out for movement while Xenya starts looking through some of the crates. Mollarii suggest it will take a while so he could start meditating on one of the items they found.

Xenya: ‘yes of course- which would you like? Potato or ring?’

Mollarii: ‘which do you have more interest in?

Xenya: ‘ring maybe?’

Mollarii: ‘ok I will take the potato’. He starts examining the potato while Xenya starts on the crates.

A few minutes pass and then Mollarii sees people coming in the front gate into the courtyard.

He quickly puts the potato away and gets his weapon out. He rushes over to Xenya to tell her people are coming and points to the courtyard door. At this time Mathos and Algrith emerge from the room and explain they have found Renaer.

Mollarii rushes closer to the Xenya and explains there are people coming in and for everyone to make their way to the stairs.  He gestures to Mathos that people are coming so to run up to the stairs.

Mathos tries to gesture that he and Algrith found Renaer, but Mollarii and Xenya just seem confused.

Xenya, Mathos and Algrith (with Renaer) start making their way to the stairs with the intention of hiding in the stair well to either escape unnoticed or launch a surprise attack on those coming in.

Mollarii starts to move to join the others, and with that, the courtyard door bursts open.

‘Hey, you, STOP’ says a voice in the doorway

Mollarii looks up and sees a City Watch Captain and several guards.

Mollarii thinks fast: ‘This is private property. What are you doing here?’

Watch Captain: ‘Drop your weapons, you are under arrest.’

Mollarii: ‘On what grounds?’

Captain: ‘Gang activity.’

Renaer sees the captain and rushes forward: ‘It’s ok, these people have rescued me’

The Captain recognises Renaer:’ok. What’s going on here?’

Mollarri gently nudges Renaer forward.

Renaer: ‘Well myself and my friend Floon were ambushed on the way home and bought to this warehouse. We were tied up. I was put in the back room over there’ and points to the room where Algrith and Mathos found him. ‘Then today I hear some commotion and these people seem to have taken out the guild members that were here. They were looking for my friend Floon, and I would really like to find him’

Captain: ‘well you are bloody lucky. I had this place under surveillance a few nights ago, but I stopped it. You guys probably would not have got in here if I still had it under watch.’

Mollarii: ‘So you saw Floon and Renaer be taken?’

Captain: ‘No, I must have stopped the surveillance just before this happened.’

Mollarii eyes him suspiciously.

Captain: ‘The City Watch just do not allow for constant surveillance, so we pulled our guys off.’

Mollarii: ‘So why are you here now?’

Captain: ‘There was a report of a disturbance’

Mollarii: ‘By who?’

Captain: ‘someone walking up the street. I am grateful for what you have done here. These guys are a right pain in my arse. I just don’t have the resources to take care of it myself. I was hoping they would take care of each other to be fair.’

The Captain turns back to the guards and speaks to them. The guards start looking through the crates. The find several crates full of bodies… A lot of Zhenatarim and some Xanather’s. The Captain surmises that some of the Xanather’s members broke in and perhaps took Floon away. Just do us a favour, yeah? Just leave this to the city watch. If you can’t just keep any trouble off the street. ‘

During this time Xenya quietly walks down the stairs and pokes her head out to see what is happening. Mathos has put the unconscious Kenku down on the floor. The guards take the Kenku as prisoner.

Captain: ‘You guys can go. I suggest you go back to your inn and get some rest. We will clear up here.’

Xenya: ‘so what are you going to do about Floon as you clearly have not been investigating this so far and now you have evidence that something bad has happened.’

Captain: ‘Well we will look into it, but as I say we have limited resources’

Mollarrii: ‘so do you object to us continuing to investigate’

Captain: Well I do a bit; you are not members of the city watch.’

Mollarrii: ‘so you will let a citizen be taken…’

Xenya: ‘He could possibly be dead’

Captain: ‘You misunderstand. What I mean is officially I cannot endorse what you are doing, but I can turn a blind eye if you keep it off the streets. But if you get caught taking part in illegal activities then I cannot help you.’

Mollarrii: ‘Would you object to us continuing our search of this room for any further evidence of where Floon may have been taken, before we leave?’

The captain looks around at his dozen guards and the crates tat have all been opened: ‘You can, but I would say everything that could have been found has been found’

Mollarrii looks at his companions and says: ‘I believe we should let these people get on with their work’.

They start heading back towards the Yawning Portal.

Mollarrii turns to Renaer and asks: ‘How well do you know Floon?’

Renaer: ‘very well, we are good friends. He has done some work for me and we often drink and gamble together.’

Mollarrii: ‘Do you know his house staff well? Would they recognise you?’

Renaer: ‘um yes’

Mollarii: ‘well we would like to continue our investigations but after tonight we do not have anywhere to stay in the city. Do you think we could stay at Floon’s during this time?’

Renaer: ‘Well I don’t have any keys, but we could see’

The group ask to be shown the entrance to the sewer. Renaer expresses that he would insist on coming along to save his friend.

Xenya: ‘May I ask, what skills do you have?’

Renaer: ‘Um I have this dagger and I am skilled with a rapier. I can flourish several attacks at once’

Mollarrii: ‘If you wish to come with us and of course assume our protection, would there be some payment involved?’

Renaer: ‘Yes of course. I can pay each of you 50gold’.

Xenya’s eyes light up.

Mollarii suggests that as this is a dangerous mission, he would want half his payment upfront.

Renaer: ‘Where are you staying tonight?’

Mollarrii: ‘The Yawning Portal’

Renaer: ‘I will meet you there in the morning and will pay each of you 10gold upfront.’

Mollarrii: ‘I am satisfied with this arrangement’

They continue walking towards Renaer’s home. Renaer points out the sewer entrance. Once Renaer reaches his home safe, the group return to the Yawning Portal.

They reach the inn and Xenya asks if Mollarrii will be meditating on his potato before bed as she will be on her ring. The others go straight to bed.

Xenya meditates on the ring:

Mollarii meditates on the potato (The voice sounds like David Attenborough):

Mollarrii gets up and knocks at Xenya’s door: ‘Would you object to me keeping this object?’

Xenya: ‘probably not. But what is it?’

Mollarrii: ‘I have found that a voice narrates everything that I do… and it is quite satisfying.’

Xenya looks at the kobold’s big eyes and it is clear he is very excited about this item.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘And now we see the kobold stands talking to the wood elf’

Xenya: ‘it is yours’ and smiles at him.

Mollarii returns to his room.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘After his conversation with the elf, the kobold turns to return to his room.’

Xenya: ‘wait, don’t you want to know about the ring?’

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘The kobold stops and returns to the elf’

Mollarii: ‘Please do tell.’

The voice of David Attenborough: The kobold stops and listens patiently’

Xenya explains what the Foul Ring does.

Mollarrii: ‘Does it specify if the chicken must be living?’ They both laugh at the thought and Mollarrii returns to his room with a big smile on his face as he is obviously hearing the narration.

Before he starts to write the days events into his journal, he eats the potato to permanently attune to it.

The group enjoy a well earn long rest.

They wake in the morning and venture to the bar to order breakfast and head to Volo’s table.

Xenya chooses to order a couple of hard-boiled eggs. One to eat and one to join her pocket bacon and pocket sausage.

After Mollarii finishes his porridge, he returns to the bar and pulls out one of the bats from his first night in town and asks if they can cook it up for him. Durnan gives him a strange look.

Mollarii: ‘I know that it is sometimes frowned upon bringing your own food to an establishment but technically I did get it from here.’

Durnan: ‘Technically you are not wrong, and we will cook it up for you but I will need to charge you 10silver for the privilege.’

Mollarii: ‘no, do not worry I shall cook it myself’

Renaer is waiting for them at Volo’s table’

Mollarri pulls out his journal and attempts to sketch Renaer.

The voice of David Attenborough: As the kobold approaches the table, he pulls out his book and places it down on the table top and starts to draw.

When he finishes, he looks at his artwork and back at Renaer and waits to hear what his narrator thinks.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘The kobold looks at the young man sat opposite him and compares him to the drawing he has just completed, and he is utterly astounded at his ability to draw a completely different person.’

Mollarrii starts blowing the wet ink.

Whilst peeling one of her eggs, and pocketing the other, Xenya turns to Renaer and confirms some of the information they had discussed the previous day. It seems that they took Floon, possibly thinking he was Renaer, and would therefore have the information regarding stolen gold.

Xenya: ‘Do you have any ideas where we can stay in town that will not cost?’

Renaer: ‘well if your tenancy here has ended you can stay with me at my home, I have plenty of rooms’. With that he hands out the 10gold to each of the party.

Xenya: ‘So have you been down into these sewers before? Will you know the layout?’

Renaer: ‘No, No I have never been down there – I am familiar with where the guild member enters and leave but I have never had a posse to go down with.’

Mollarii: ‘Do you know the Captain of the City Watch well?’

Renaer: ‘No, I mean I know him but I would not say we are really acquainted. We are not close or anything?’

Mollarii: ‘But you are respected by him?’

Renaer: ‘Yes I believe so’

Mollarii: ‘Could you get us an audience with the prisoner he took’

Renaer: ‘Probably’

The group discuss as to whether it could be of use to talk with the prisoner and if they think it will be a benefit. They discuss their options and go over all the information they know from Renaer and what they overheard the kenkus relaying.

The party finish their food and drink and leave, heading towards the sewer entrance.

Once they reach the sewer entrance they wait and look around to make sure they are not being followed and choose a moment when no-one is looking to enter the sewer.

Mathos attempts to lift the man-hole cover, but he has large fingers and is unable to get purchase on the cover. Xenya steps in and lifts the cover with ease.

Mollarii slides down the ladder and looks around. He sees the putrid stream running in 2 directions. On one side of the wall he sees a hand painted yellow symbol. A circle with 10 spokes radiating from the circumference. He beckons Mathos down. Followed by Xenya, Renaer and Algrith who attempts to replace the cover. Unfortunately, Algrith cannot manage form the angle he is at. Xenya looks at her strong half orc and sturdy dwarf and shakes her head and smiles. She climbs back up the ladder and slides the cover back into position.

The party all benefit from Darkvision apart from Renaer, so they light a hooded lantern but pull the hood down, so it does not omit light and pass it to Renaer.  They discuss keeping the hood down and that Renaer puts his hand on the person Infront’s shoulder but if they enter combat, he lifts the hood and sets it down so he can see to fight.

They follow the yellow symbol through a series of tunnels. After about an hour they come to a 3-way intersection.

Mollarri sees the Gazer in front and as he is about to charge forward, he turns to Renaer and says ‘drop the lantern’.

He throws his javelin into the Gazer.

Xenya moves closer to see what is happening.

The Gazer tries to focus his gaze on Mollarii and tries to use his telekinetic ability to move him, but Mollarii digs his claws into he ground and does not move.

Renaer opens the hood of the lantern and puts it down and starts to run in towards the Gazer.

Algrith also runs forward towards the fray.

Mollarii pulls out another javelin, aims and throws it towards the gazer. He throws with such force it thrusts into the Gazers mouth and through his head impaling him into the wall behind.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘As we see the kobold rushes forward and launches his javelin down the sewer and skewers the enemy into the wall behind him. If this were an Olympic game, he would have just scored 9.5s across the board.’

Mollarri walks up to the dead Gazer and retrieves his javelins. He inspects the corpse and turns to the other: ‘Do you want any of this?’

They look around and decide to climb up the ladder and check where this manhole cover leads. Mathos, felt sure he could manage this time.

Mathos lifts the cover and peers around. He seems to be looking into a cellar of a tavern. He tries to focus on the writing on the barrels. After a moment or two he believes it to read ‘The spouting Fish’

Mathos replaces the cover and climbs back down the ladder: ‘it comes out in a tavern cellar. It is quite dark but the barrels say The Spouting Fish but there were no bar maids so I am quite disappointed and think we should continue with the mission.

Xenya: ‘Renaer, where is this Spouting Fish? Have you heard of it?’

Renaer: ‘Yes, it is in the dock Ward’

They decide that they should investigate this when they leave the sewers.

They continue.

Eventually they get to another intersection. There is a strange raised platform in the centre of the crossing streams.

Mathos leads the way and looks for any movement. Seeing no-one, he starts to move forward towards the raised platform.

Mollarii reaches out to Mathos and says: ‘we should check for traps’

Mathos: ’Good idea, send in the cannon fodder, I mean send in the trap checker’

Algrith shakes his head and steps forward to check for traps. As far as he is aware it all seems ok.

Mathos continues forward. He heads towards the alcove across the stream. As he steps around the corner, he is startled by the whoosh sound of an arrow flying passed his hair. Another quickly follows and hits him in the shoulder, seeming to come from the other direction.

Mollarii jumps over the stream towards the slit in the wall where the first arrow came from. He thrusts his spear through the slit and sees he stabs a goblin.

Renaer puts the hooded lantern down, draws his sword and runs towards Mollarii.

Xenya sees that Mollarii has used his javelin through a hole in the wall and hears a goblin yelp. She has noted everyone has thus far avoided the raised platform so also avoids it and runs over to the hole in the wall that Mollarii and Renaer are next to. She brings up her hand and blows across her palm releasing some poison gas towards the hole. The goblin is no longer directly in front of the hole and so the gas has no affect.

Mathos clenches his fists and starts to Rage. He runs over the stream to the door in the alcove. He opens the door and looks in and moves through the door. He sees there is a corridor. He turns back to the others and says: ‘quick this way, there’s another way out here’.

Another arrow flies towards Mollarii from the opposite side of the tunnel. Mollarii sees it in his peripheral visions and ducks out of the way.

Algrith runs around to the slit opposite to his companions. He jabs his sword through the hole and all he hears is a gurgling noise as he sliced directly into another Goblins throat.

Mollarii steps back and onto the raised platform. Renaer moves up to the slit and jabs his rapier through and towards the goblin. He does not make contact; however, he pulls back then swiftly jabs again at a slightly lower angle and impales the goblin, finishing him.

Algrith investigates the platform, checking for pressure plates or any kind of mechanism. It seems it was just a platform.

Mollarii beckons Algrith over and asks for a boost so he can look through the slit in the wall.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘As the Kobold looks through the small hole in the wall, he is unable to tell if there are any nasty surprises waiting for him.

Mathos continues to follow the corridor to see where it leads.

Xenya asks if everyone is ok. Then starts to follow the route Mathos took.

Mollarii and Algrith head to the other slit. Algrith tries to boost Mollarii again so he can look through the second hole, but he is a little unsteady and manages to flip him over his shoulder. They try again and Algrith struggles to grab Mollarii to lift him. Mollarii decides this is too much effort and walks away.

As they start walking back, they are inspecting the surrounding wall.

The voice of David Attenborough: As the kobold walks passed the suspiciously different walls he might want to investigate for a secret door. Mollarii feels around to find a way to open the door.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘As the Kobold is feeling around the wall, his left hand is quite hot, but his right hand is quite cold’. (This continues in Mollarii’s head until he finds the door release)

As Mollarii opens the door he says: ‘thank you’.

Mollarii: ‘over here, there is a door and a room’

Mollarii,  Xenya and Algrith decide to split the party. Mollarii and Algrith to investigate the room while Xenya catches up to Mathos. Xenya is quite concerned about splitting the group and says: ‘Make sure you come straight back to here and call for us if there are any enemies or danger…don’t go on without us.’

‘Yes, Mother Elf!’ says Mollarii Xenya continues after Mathos with Renaer around the corridor, but she is very worried about the other two going off on their own so convinces Mathos that they should join them to start and return to this corridor after.

Meanwhile Mollarii and Mathos stealth over to the door at the far side of the room. Algrith checks for traps – he finds none. Mollarii looks around the room and checks the goblin.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘As the kobold looks around the room, he sees the body of the dead goblin and in the far corner of the room a pile of rags that look like they were where the goblin slept. The kobold checks the goblins dead body and finds a purse. He takes a copper from the purse and throws onto the goblin and puts the purse in his pocket.’

Xenya, Mathos and Renaer reach the door but wait for signals from Mollarii and Algrith to come in. Renaer puts the hood of the lantern down.

They open the door. The see steps that go down into another room. Mollarii communicates this quietly to Xenya.

Algrith checks for traps on the way down the stairs. They stealth down the stairs. When they reach the bottom, they notice the room is empty except for a stone pillar in the centre and a door in the far corner.

At this point, Xenya has made her way to the top of the stairs to listen and keep an eye on them. Mathos and Renaer follow a little behind. They continue to quietly move down the stairs towards Algrith and Mollarii. However, Xenya is not so light on her feet. Algrith suggests to Mollarii that he should call the rest of the party down, but Mollarii, having heard Xenya, says: ‘They are coming’.

Algrith starts to inspect the next door for traps as Mathos and Xenya reach the bottom of the stairs.

Mathos and Mollarii investigate the pillar. In the centre there is a recess in the stone in the shape of the symbol the group had been following throughout the sewers. In the centre of this symbol was a shape of a lidless eye. They ask Renaer if he has seen anything like it before and what he thinks it could be. After some discussion they decide it is the Xanather’s symbol and perhaps it is a recess to place a key, but what it would be used for was a mystery and there did not seem to be further clues within the room.

Mollarii and Algrith decide not to stealthily open the door, but instead choose to kick it in. They mis judged the amount of force needed to kick the door in and so it took them a couple of attempts thus alerting anyone in the area to their presence.

As they look into the room, they see what looks like 3 rooms or maybe prison cells along the back wall. (Later they discover it was 2 rooms and a corridor to a stairway). In the main room they see a muscular orc stood with his foot on the chest of a human, an average looking human.  The orc ‘s hand is surrounded in fire and the human is screaming and writhing in pain.

To the right they see a large dark robed creature sat on a throne like chair. He has a purple hue to his skin and what looks to be tentacles coming from his mouth. Sat on his lap, being caressed is a strange brain like creature with many legs. Mollarii recognises this to be a Mind Flayer and his pet Intellect devourer.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘As the kobold and dwarf kick through the door into the large chamber they notice the mind flayer and intellect devourer, and panic sets in.’

Mollarii shouts up to the others: ‘Get in here now! Kill brain first!’. He pulls out his javelin and hurls it towards the intellect devourer. He then runs towards the orc wizard and attempts a punch but misses.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘The kobold runs aimlessly around the room trying to hit the orc and misses.’

Renaer runs in towards the intellect devourer. He swings his rapier and hits. He swings again with the rapier, inflicting more damage. He then thrusts upwards with his dagger but misses.

Xenya runs into the room and sees the brain. She gets in just close enough for a ranged attack. She opens her palm and blows a spray of poison gas towards the brain. Unfortunately, it has no effect on the brain. She moves further into the room clearing the doorway for Mathos.

The Mind Flayer casts Mind blast on the party. They all manage to shake it off apart from Mollarii who goes down.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘The worst has now happened as the Kobold goes down’.

Algrith runs in and attacks with his short sword. He thrusts his sword into the intellect devourer and flicks it across the room – dead. He then turns his attention to the Mind Flayer which he successfully hits.

Mathos breaks into a rage and runs in to combat with the wizard. He swings his axe with such force that he is caught off balance and falls to his back.

The Orc attempts a firebolt at Xenya but misses.


Ranaer makes his first attack against the Mind Flayer and hits. His second attack with his rapier misses as does his dagger.

Xenya runs in to touch Mollarii and cast cure wounds. He remains stunned but conscious.

The Mind Flayer attempts to attack Renaer with his tentacles, but Renaer manages to dodge the attack. The Mind Flayer moves over towards the door but remains in range of Renaer.

Algrith attacks with his sword and hits the Mind Flayer but misses with his second attack.

Mathos takes another swing at the Orc Wizard and hits him this time inflicting a severe wound.

The orc retaliates by preparing to release a firebolt but is hurting bad and just could not manage to release his spell.

Renaer takes two swings with his rapier and follows with a thrust of his dagger. The Mind Flayer is wounded but still stands strong.

The voice of David Attenborough: ‘The Kobold lays down on the job, he seems incapable of being able to stand up and help his friends’

Xenya pulls out her hand axe and throws it towards the Mind Flayers head. Her throw is good, but he is still standing strong.

The Mind Flayer attempts to attack Renaer once again with his tentacles. This time Renaer seems helpless against it and is stunned and grappled.

Algrith take a swing with his sword inflicting another injury. He tries to attack a second time but misses.

Mathos swings Tina at the wizard but is so angry he misses.

The orc feels less threatened by Mathos now and turns his attention to the now grappled and stunned Renaer. He releases a firebolt and singes Renaers clothes.


Renaer remains stunned.

Xenya attempts to release her poison spray at the Mind Flayer and he shrugs it off.

The Mind Flayer re casts his Mind Blast. Xenya shrugs it off but Mathos falls to the ground. The damage would have been enough o kill a normal human, but his resilience meant he just survived but is stunned.

Mollarii, however, falls lifeless to the floor. Dead.

The Mind Flayer continues to move towards the door. Algrith takes the opportunity to swing at him. But misses. He then moves up to attack again and does more damage. They can only imagine how strong the creature is as he is still standing strong despite the many wounds inflicted on him.

Xenya, is in shock from seeing Mollarii’s lifeless body on the floor. Tears in her eyes she is filled with anger. She turns to Mathos an shouts ‘Heal’ and then turns back to the Mind Flayer. She opens her palm and blows her poison gas at him.

The Mind Flayer is unaffected and continues to move out of the room and towards the stone pillar. As he moves, he pulls out a stone object from his robes. He places it in the recess of the stone pillar and a shimmering purple portal appears. He removes the keystone and walks through the portal.

As the lifeforce finally drains from the little kobold, he just hears: ‘And now this is the end of the kobold’s journey through life. Join us next week when we attempt to follow the life of some one else’

Algrith does not follow through the portal and full of anger at the Mind Flayer escaping, runs back in and launches a flurry of attacks at the wizard and slices him to ribbons.

After a minute Renaer manages to shake off the stun and runs over to Floon. Xenya also runs over to Floon. she tends to some wounds and gives him some water to drink. She then runs over to Mollarii, desperate to revive him. There is nothing she can do.

Xenya looks at Renaer: ‘Who can we go to in the city that can help? I know there are magics that can bring people back to life. Waterdeep is a big city there must be someone. ‘

Renaer: ‘Well there may be someone, it costs a lot.’

Xenya: ‘But would you be willing to help us?’

Renaer: ‘potentially but it depends how much. There is a limit to what I can do.

They spend a few moments to quickly investigate the rooms. The left-hand room is actually a corridor with stairs and a walkway over the sewers. The second room has a bed and a chest of drawers. On inspection of the drawers they find 2 healing potions and some gold and silver. The third room just has a bed.

Xenya asks Mathos to pick up Mollarii and Renaer helps Floon to his feet and helps him walk. They make their way back the way they came in and to the manhole at the end of Candle Lane.

They climb up and out of the sewer.

They walk to the nearest carriage stop. Renaer pays for their travel. Then make their way to the hospital and the apothecary that may be able to revive the kobold.

They walk in and see Floon and Renaer and they quickly usher Floon off to tend to his wounds, and Renaer follows.

Xenya rushes to the reception desk: ‘Please can someone help my friend. In saving Floon our friend has fallen. I know there re magics that can revive someone and bring them back to life. Do you have someone that can do that?’

Nurse: ‘yes we do but I am afraid it does cost quite a lot. You need a diamond valued at 1000gold and an extra 1000 gold pieces.

Xenya runs off after Renaer: ‘Renaer , it will cost a diamond worth 1000g and 1000g pieces, can you help?’

Renaer: ‘I wish I could but I do not have that sort of money and it would take weeks to raise it which would be too late.’

Xenya walks back to the nurse and her party. The nurse sees Xenya’s face, her eyes filled with tears and is aware that they do not have the funds to save Mollarii. She offers to intern the body.

Xenya is unsure as to Mollarii’s beliefs and asks if there is a monastery nearby that she could at least ask what the right thing is to do for a fallen Monk.

Xenya grabs his journals to see if anything is written in common so she can find out what is the right thing for his belief.

Unfortunately, there is no monastery nearby so Xenya decides they need to take him to the outskirts of the woods and bury him and that the Wild Mother will help him pass on.

Xenya carefully looks through his belongings. She says to the others that he should be buried with his gravel pouches as they were so important to him. She hands out some of his belongings to Mathos and Algrith. She wrestles for some time with what else he should be buried with to honour him. She decides he would not be happy with his books being buried and that perhaps they should be sent to his monastery so she would need to get them translated in order to find out where this is. She decides to keep his spear to use and then share out his gold.

They take him outside the city and find the shade of a nice tree to bury him beneath. They dig a hole and gently lay him down. Xenya pulls his cloak around him and gently lays his gravel pouches on his chest and places his hand on top. Mathos starts to shovel the dirt on top while Xenya looks for some wildflowers to sit on top of the soil. Mathos pulls out the eye he had recovered from the earlier fight and sets it down by the flowers.  

They pick up their belongings and start walking towards the city. Xenya holds a small pendant from under her top and closes her eyes muttering some words. A single tear rolls down her cheek and she turns to join the others.

Their return journey to The Yawning Portal is quiet. Xenya is distant, running through what she should have done. Anything that could have made a difference. Her thoughts race back and forth between Mollarii and a loss from her past, someone she was bonded with but somehow blames herself for his death. As they approach the road that leads to The Portal Xenya tells them about the Common Tater that Mollarii attuned to, and how she wished she could have heard what he heard.

They reach The Portal and Xenya walks up to Durnan at the bar. With a solemn tone she explains how Mollarii fell in combat.

Durnan expresses his sadness in hearing that news. He points over to Volo’s table: ‘Volo is in if you need to talk to him’

The party walk over to Volo: ‘Aah you have returned. Good to see you again. Did you find Floon – is he alright?

They explained the events of the last 2 days, the fall of their friend and their success in finding both Floon and Renaer that they had left at the hospital while they tended to Mollarii.

Volo: ‘Oh that is sad news for your loss, but I am so please you found Floon and that he is safe. Um, I do have a small confession. I don’t have the liquid funds. The book sales have not gone quite as high as expected yet. (Mathos grinds his teeth and clenches Tina) What I do have is a recently acquired property. It is rather nice, but it just needs a little tlc around the edges. I have the deed here and can sign it over to you now, I just need to know what to write on the deed.’

The group of dishevelled misfits look at each other blankly. They had not really discussed their future together. They talk over a group name, but nothing really stands out. The Algrith pipes up in a very West Country accent: ‘The Common Taters’.

‘Done’. Days Mathos.

Xenya smiles with her eyes glazing over. But releasing a chuckle: ‘agreed’

Volo takes out his pen and writes ‘The Common Taters’ across the deeds and signs it, handing it and the floor plans to the group.

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