Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Session 2 – “She’s called Tina”

The Players:
Kerry JackmanXenyaWood-Elf Druid
Phil DawsonInquisitor MollariiKobold Monk
Mathew EnglandAlgrith GiantfeetDwarf Rogue
Sam PhilpottMathosHalf-Orc Barbarian
The Dungeon Master:
David Jackman

The story of session one – “She’s called Tina”

After a well-earned rest the party of 3 woke early the next morning and began to get ready for the days work. Xenya, wanting to make the most of being in civilised society, chose to take a bubble bath before heading to breakfast.  Mollari woke before the others and spent time meditating.

They make their way downstairs and order breakfast. Mollari orders a pint of ale and a bowl of porridge. Xenya not really wanting beer for breakfast orders goats milk and a plate of eggs and bacon. Algrith chooses a pint of water and a bacon roll.

From the bar they look to Volo’s booth, where they are surprised to see a rather large Half-Orc sat at the table tucking into a large plate of food. He was wearing, well, very little – his muscular torso largely uncovered apart from one shoulder that had a sumptuous grey /blue, mountain wolf, fur mantle strapped to it. His strong arms finished with weathered leather wrist bracers. His lower body again was largely exposed all but a simple leather and fur loin cloth and battle skirt with heavy duty leather belt and simple weathered leather ankle boots. He had a large tribal looking tattoo that ran across one side of his chest across the one shoulder and down his arm, and also ran down his side and leg and finished just above his boots. His hair was long, black and somewhat unkempt with an area that was shaved above his ear leaving just a braid that finished in a plait.

The party started walking towards the table, inspecting this stranger as they walked.  Xenya, partly wary of this imposing figure but mostly intrigued as to why he is there. She says hello as she attempts to sit down across from him.  

The Orc replies with a simple ‘Hi’.

‘Are you something to do with Volo? This is his table’. She replies.

The half-orc looks at her and her companions with a slight smile and says: ‘yes I met with Volo last night about his missing friend and he said that there were others already here.’

Xenya: ‘Ah I see. Nice to meet you, I am Xenya’

Half – orc: ‘Mathos’

Mollari pulls up a stool and begins to largely ignore everyone as he did the previous night, just gives a small nod towards Mathos and starts setting up his ink and quill.

Algrith nods and introduces himself. As he sits and waits for breakfast to arrive at the table and proceeds to explain what the party did the previous night in trying to investigate Floon’s whereabouts. Xenya pulls out here map and shows Mathos the locations of the Skewered Dragon where Floon and Renaer were last seen, the Zhentarim Warehouse where the drag marks lead and Floon’s house. They also explained that the inter faction competition and rivalry between Xanathar’s guild and the Zhentarim seems to be escalating as they saw what looked like 2 dead or unconscious bodies of one faction, whilst members of the other were being carted away by guards in manacles.

The bar maid, Bonnie brings over the foods.

Xenya eats her 2 eggs and one piece of bacon and puts her other piece of bacon in her pocket, use to to making her rations last and partial to a snack or two throughout the day. The kobold and dwarf tuck into their breakfast.

They plan their morning and decide to go investigate the movements of the warehouse during the daytime and visit some supply shops on the way.

Xenya leans over to Mathos and points to the portal: ‘you need to keep an eye on that portal.. Some nasty stuff came out of there last night, bats, a huge troll…I almost died!’

Mathos: ‘It is ok, I am used to danger’

Mathos looks distracted from the conversation for a moment as he sees two scruffy humans walking over to the table: ‘Heads up, we have company’ he says

Mollari quickly puts the lid back on his ink and starts blowing furiously again in his journal.

Mathos reaches down to get his impressive looking battle axe and places it on the table in front of him and keeps his hand on it.

Algrith places his hand on his dagger and looks around, he instantly recognises the two strangers approaching as the two gamblers that Mollari had played against in The Skewered Dragon the evening before.

As they approach the look to Mollari and the rest of the group: ‘ We thought about it after you left last night and I think there is more information that you may find useful…They were on their own drinking on the night in question but as they left , they did seem to be followed out by a group of 5 or 6 blokes that were sat in the back corner drinking. They looked to be part pf the Zhentarim Guild.

Mollari: ‘Could you identify these individuals?’

Gamblers: ‘no we don’t know them. They were wearing Zhentarim clothes though’.

Mollari: ‘Can you think of anything else?’

Gamblers: ‘No. we didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but after you were asking about it we kind of thought, yeah maybe that was a bit suspicious’

Mollari pulls out 5 silver for each and asks them to come back if they come across or happen to find out anymore about the situation. He asks their names.

Gamblers: ‘I am Glen, this is Harry. Harry don’t speak much! Thanks. Yeah we will let you know if we hear anything else – will you be staying here?

Algrith: ‘yeah we will be here to sleep at least.’

Whilst continuing their plans, Xenya looks up at Mollari and asks: ‘Which brings me to ask, will you let us know your name now?

Mollari, looks up and thinks for a moment and pauses, clearly not wanting to become too familiar or give too much information. Then, realising it is probably ok to tell Xenya his name at least as she is likely to be unconscious again soon, and so he quietly speaks his name.

The party gets up and heads out with a plan of several stops they need to make.

They stop at the first general supplies shop where Xenya and Algrith go in. Xenya purchases a healer kit, still having the nightmare of the previous encounter swimming in her head. Algrith buys a deck of cards.

Whilst they are in the shop Mollari and Mathos wait outside. The sound of a tumbleweed rolling down the path breaks the awkward silence between them. They both keep an eye on any Zhentraim movement around the streets or any suspicious activity, but like their conversation it is some-what stagnant. Mollari looks intently at the huge battle axe Mathos is carrying.  Mathos sees Mollari is focused on his weapon and just as Xenya and Algrith come out of the shop to join them, says: She’s called Tina’ and strokes the blade.

They start making their way to the warehouse. Mollari decides to stealth while the others try to be more casual. Mollari is concentrating so hard on being stealthy, he notices absolutely nothing  happening around him. Xenya, is entirely focused on Mollari trying to be stealthy and also notices nothing else. Algrith is far more aware of his surroundings. He is aware of some wheeling and dealing around darker alleys within the dock ward but nothing of concern, he feels.

As they approach Candle Lane they start looking towards the warehouse, they slowly and casually walk passed, looking at the movement around the building. They note some dwarves, half orcs and humans and a Dragonborn in and around the warehouse.  

Mollari turns to Algrith: ‘there are some of your kind over there, perhaps you could go over and ask for work to better see inside?’

Algrith feels this is an option but thinks to just walk by and try to get better visuals to start. As they walk down the lane, they keep spread out a little rather than as one unit, each is trying to learn as much as they can about the warehouse. The three male party members are not concentrating on what they can see around the building, so much as concentrating on trying to look aloof and casual and note nothing more of substance. Xenya, however, notices the door she listened against (or at least tried to listen against) the previous night, was in fact a double gate that opens onto a covered courtyard area of the warehouse.

They meet nearer the end of the lane to discuss their findings on the way to Xoblob’s shop.

Mollari tries to investigate the area, in particular, if there is a way to get up onto the roof of the warehouse or any of the buildings nearby so they can perhaps enter the warehouse from above rather than street level. His investigation skills seem somewhat off this morning and he gets distracted. He looks down at the gravel and in his mind he is reliving his walk down Candle Lane.. he starts to question whether he was paying too much attention to his not being seen that maybe he missed something important around the warehouse. As he stares at the gravel on the floor he realises that here at the end of the lane, there is little gravel, whereas there was much more further back down the road. He pulls out his journal and make a note of this important information. Now that he has noted this difference, he bends down and takes a sample of the gravel and puts in a pocket.

Mathos looks at Xenya: ‘What is wrong with this guy?’

Xenya: ‘I don’t know, he is a little strange, we only met last night and a good deal of that I spent unconscious or nursing a headache!’ she whispers.

As they walk, Xenya explains that she saw through the gate of the warehouse and could see it was a kind of courtyard area and that there was two further doors to enter the building itself and there were a few people milling around inside the courtyard.

No-one else could give further information. Mathos flick his hair in a kind of ‘Loreal advert’ style.

They continue to walk further along the roads to Xoblob’s shop. They all enter. The interior of the shop is very purple. Every wall, all the furniture and shelves, and all the merchandise is a shade of purple. They look over to see a white haired gnome behind the counter wearing a plum coloured robe. His cheeks are decorated with 9 painted purple eyes and he is sat smoking a pipe. As they approach, he pulls his pipe form his mouth and exhales a cloud of lavender scented smoke. He raises his hand in a welcoming manner: ‘Hail, and well met. Come browse the shelves of the most curious curiosity shop in the world’. On investigation there seems to be a lot of items of no real use, a lot of tat, but everything is purple. Mollari looks at every shelf.

Mathos: ‘Do you know someone called Floon and have you seen him lately?’

Gnome: ‘Yes, yes I know Floon. He was in the Skewerred Dragon the other night drinking with his friend Renaer’. They were gambling and drinking and as they left just as I was closing the shop that night – I was open late that evening.. They walked off down Zastro Street and I was a little behind them. I stopped to tie my laces and as I looked up there was a group of 6 people with them and they all scuffled off down Candle Lane.

Mollari continues to look over some of the trinkets. He notices a set of knuckle bone dice with a skull symbol on the side which would normally show 6 pips. There s a small packet filled with pink dust. He also has an ornate purple scabbard that looks to fit no blade that he had come across before. He also has an old key, coloured purple, but no lock or explanation as to what it fits.

Mollari asks the Gnome if he has any pouches or small bags. To which the gnome pulls out a pile of small purple pouches. Mollari purchases the set of dice and all 10 pouches. Once he gets the pouches, he starts taking out his little piles of gravel and puts them in the pouches, labelling each pouch with the location the gravel was found. He then steps out side and proceeds to pick up a little of the gravel outside Xoblobs shop and puts into an empty pouch and marks it ‘corner of Zastro street and Filet Lane’. Then re-enters the shop.

Mathos, wanting to concentrate on the task at hand returns to questioning the gnome: ‘would you recognise the other people from that evening?

The gnome explains how he was really too far away to make out a lot of detail it being night and all. He suspected they were a group of guild members or criminal faction but really would not know them if he saw them again.

Mollari: ‘Was there anyone else in the street that night such as other shop keepers?’

Gnome: ’No I was open quite late and no one else was around’

Mollari: ‘Are you aware this Floon went missing that night?’

Gnome: ‘No I wasn’t’

Mollari: ‘Well now you are aware so potentially you are the last person to see him that night, and perhaps you might want to keep that information to yourself’

The gnome looks at Mollari for a moment: ‘I don’t know what you are trying to suggest, but I am not an idiot’

At this, Mollari looks all around his face at the hand painted eyes and simply nods.

They all turn to leave, Mathos trying hard to negotiate the shelves and trinkets with his large physique and battle axe. He manages with more success than he expected only knocking 2 small soft items to the floor.

Mollari suggests walking around the roads a little more to try and find a way to reach the roofs rather than access the warehouse at ground level.

Xenya and Mollari walk the roads to look for a way to execute Mollari’s plan, whilst Algrith and Mathos decide to walk up to the warehouse and pretend they are looking for work.

Xenya and Mollari ascertains the roofs are accessed by an internal hatch from inside the buildings. They also note there are no abandoned or derelict buildings nearby to easily enter.

In an effort to make conversation with one of the workers in the area, Mollari waits to see if he sees someone that is a little better dressed than the rest that are all quite shabby.

He eventually finds someone that looks like at one time his clothes may have been better quality and cost a little more than many of the dock workers. Mollari approaches in front of the male who does not look too pleased to have been stopped, especially by someone who clearly does not work in the docks.

Mollari: ‘Excuse me, I could not help noticing your shirt. It looks like something I am looking buy. Could you please point me in the direction of where I might be able to purchase similar please. You see,’ as he points to his own clothes ‘I would like to fit in better and look a little less out of town’.

The worker looks Mollari up and down and in a gruff angry voice says: ‘Are you taking the piss mate?’ and walks off.

Mollari carefully follows the worker. Xenya decides to stay well back.

The worker walks up to a shabby house which could only be described as a house of multiple occupancy.

Meanwhile Algrith and Mathos have reached the warehouse. They note a half orc Zhentarim member is stood leaning against the wall next to the gate of the warehouse, with his arms crossed.

He looks at Mathos approaching: ‘Whatcha want’

Mathos: ‘You got any work?’

Half-Orc: ‘No, bugger off!.’

Mathos: ‘Don’t I know you, mate’

Half – Orc: ‘No bugger off!’

Mathos: ‘I’m sure I do.’ He points to Algrith and says to the half-orc: ‘What about work for him?’

Half-Orc: ‘No, Bugger Off!’

As Mathos tries to engage with the half-orc, he is trying to scan the area behind him. Algrith is also trying to look in and around the courtyard of the warehouse. They see a few other faction members but see very little else of use.

Mathos turns to Algrith and says: ‘Alright mate, there is obviously no work her we might as well go.’

They leave and continue up the road where they meet with Xenya and Mollari on the corner of Book Street & Candle Lane.

As they reach the wood elf and Kobold, the look to see Mollari bending down and collecting some more gravel.

Mathos and Algrith explain that they found no real useful information other than during the day there are too many people in and around the warehouse and some seem heavily armed inside. Whilst Xenya and Mollari confirm that they found the only entrance to the roof would be inside the building, there are no exterior ladders or steps.

They all agree that they need to try and break in at nightime when the streets are empty and all the buildings are shut for the night. The only option if they do not want to break in on ground level, would be to perhaps try and use rope and grappling hook to try and climb the outside of a nearby building and travel along the roofs to reach the warehouse.

As Xenya needs to visit a magister to register as a magic user who is staying in town and Mollari wishes also to see a magister, they decide to look for a suitable general store on the way and try to buy the equipment.

They reach a shop called Jorge’s Adventuring supplies. Mollari does not have any rope within his travelling gear, although the other 3 all have some, and decides he should also have some as it is useful. He purchases some rope and a grappling hook and 20 sling bullets. Algrith also buys a grappling hook. Xenya also notices they sell healers kits much cheaper than the last shop and decides to spend even more of her precious money on another kit.

After their shopping Xenya explains that she is eager to not get into trouble and therefore must go to register as a magic user with a magister, as per the laws of Waterdeep. They spend a few moments discussing their options getting into the warehouse. They bounce ideas back and forth. Perhaps stealing some Zhentarim clothing to try infiltration but they are not the most charismatic bunch and felt they could come unstuck if questioned. Another option could be to speak to the Xanathar’s guild to see if they wanted to pay for the group to break into the opposing faction’s warehouse. They eventually decide that they will make a copy of the Zhentarium armbands which are white with the Dragon snake emblem in black. Algrith is not only a skilled burglar but also has a lot of experience in forgery. They decide that they will pop into the Skewered Dragon for a drink and wait for the shops and warehouse to be closed and the streets empty. At that point they will be attempting to grapple themselves onto a near by roof and try to enter the building that way.

It is finally decided that Xenya, accompanied by Mollari, travel to the nearest Magisters whilst Algrith and Mathos return to The Yawning Portal to prepare for the evening when the group are going to attempt to break into the warehouse under cover of darkness. Algrith buys some white fabric at Jorge’s supplies on the way back to the Portal and sits at the bar and order food and drink.

As they walk the streets, every so often Xenya notices Mollari stops and picks up a small handful of gravel and places it in a purple pouch with a label of the street name.

Xenya and Mollari reach the magisters and Xenya asks to register as she is a magic user and will likely be staying for a few days.

Mollari: ‘I understand you must register if you plan on being in the city for a few days, I would like to register now please. I am aware I have not stayed my full 9 days yet but..’

Magister looking at Mollari: ‘That’s ok, do it now and you do not need to worry. That is 1 silver please’

He then looks to Xenya and says that is also 1 silver please, and if you would not mind taking yourself to the desk over there to register with the Watchful Order of Magisters and Protectors.’

Xenya: ‘I don’t have to register do I if I am only going to be here a few days?’

Magister: ‘It would be advantageous for you to register. If you like you can fill in the paperwork here and I can take it over later?’

Xenya: ‘Do you have any literature about it, as I have never been here before and to be honest, I am not really sure what the Order is and what would be expected of me.’

The magister passes over the information.

As Xenya takes it she says: ‘thank you, If I could take the form with me also, I probably will register but if I am only going to be here for 1-2 more days it seems a little pointless.’

They leave and make their way back to the tavern.

When they arrive at the tavern, Algrith is just heading up to his room to make the armbands.

Mathos is trying to chat up Bonnie the barmaid.

Xenya spends some time mentally preparing herself for the evening’s activities and then orders some sausages and a roll.

Mollari spends some time in his room writing the events of the day in his journal. When he comes downstairs, he sees Xenya about to start her meal. He watches as she takes one of the sausages and puts it in her pocket with her bacon from earlier. He makes his way over to the booth and sits next to her, but she does not notice as she is building her sausage bap. Mollari carefully reaches into her pocket and takes the sausage she had just placed there, Xenya oblivious.

Mollari then takes himself to the bar and orders a plate of sausages. He waits at the bar for his plate of ‘4’ sausages (the 3 he just ordered and the one he stole form Xenya) and walks back to the booth and sits down.

Xenya does not notice he has 4 sausages even though she had three (natural 1).

Mollari eats 3 of his sausages and then makes it very obvious as he takes the fourth and puts it in his pocket, making sure Mathos sees. Mathos has been watching this curious situation unfold. He watched Xenya pocket a sausage. He watched Mollari take the pocket sausage and walk to the bar and put it with his plate of sausages and now watches as he pockets the one sausage.

The group spend some time discussing the portal they sit opposite.

Eventually the time comes for them to head out to the Skewered Dragon. Mollari checks the gravel as they go. He attempts to gather some gravel from Gut Alley but in amongst all the loose gravel, Mollari fails to find some loose gravel. Frustrated he gets up and carrys on. Xenya sees this and as he walks off, she grabs a small handful of the gravel and puts it in one of her pockets.

As they reach Black Star Lane, Mollari again, attempts to get some gravel, and manages this time. And again on Snail street and Net Street.

They enter the Skewered Dragon. The party enter, except for Mollari who rushed off to Xoblob’s shop to buy more purple pouches. This time he buys 20 and has to order them to be made to be collected the next day. He then heads back to meet the others.

Xenya, wanting to blend in this time orders a pint, with no intention of drinking from it. She finds an empty table and waits for the others to order and join her.

Mathos orders an ale and walks over to the table where Xenya is sitting. Algrith orders a pint and sits at the bar. Xenya sips her beer and then screws up her face at the disgusting taste of watered down stale ale. Mathos takes a gulp and then proceeds to finish it. He looks at Xenya, clearly shocked, and says: ‘I don’t see the problem with it! – I will drink it if you are not going to,’

Xenya slides her tankard over towards him.

Meanwhile Mollari has arrived, sees the trio and walks over to the bar. He asks what else they serve other than ale. The barkeep walks into another room and comes back with a very dusty bottle of wine. It looks like it is decades old. Mollari takes the bottle of wine and a glass and orders a pint for the males in the party including himself and sends a couple of pints over to Glenn and Harry. He sits at the table next to Xenya on the opposite side that he stole the sausage earlier. He passes the glass and bottle saying he has no idea if it is any good but she might like it more than the ale.

She thanks him and attempts to pour herself a glass. While she is doing so Mollari tries to put the sausage in her pocket. Despite his keen sleight of hand skill (18) Xenya is very alert and pulsing with building adrenaline for the mission, she catches him (Nat 20) as the sausage is almost all the way into her pocket. ‘What are you doing?’ she asks.

Mollari realising he has been caught just looks up and says: ‘what?’

Xenya: ‘what are you doing in my pocket and with my sausage?’

Mollari: ‘oh this fell out of your pocket onto the floor’.

Xenya looks at his face and is totally convinced he is truthful (Perception nat 3 – Mollari deception nat18). She is very grateful to him. She shakes the sausage of any dust and brushes it off and puts it back in her pocket. What she does not realise is it is a different sausage to the one she had put in her pocket previously. This is not the same colour at all!

She sniffs her glass of wine. It smells very strong and old. She turns to Mollari and says: ‘I will only have a small glass now so I am in good form for later but thank you so much.’ She does not really want to take a sip but it would be so rude and ungrateful to her companion’s kindness to refuse it. It tasted awful like it had been stored for years in a boiler room. She smiles and tries to give a convincing ‘mmm’ sound as she gently places the glass on the table. She offers for anyone else to try the wine in the hope everyone will have a glass and there is little left. Mollari tries and says it is delicious. But the others refuse. Xenya expresses again how because of their mission she will only have that one small glass now and then re corks the bottle and puts it in her bag.

They notice the streets are getting quiet and start thinking of leaving. But before they get up, Xenya puts her hand on Mollari’s cloak and says: ‘Hold out your hands’ which he does cautiously. She puts her hand under his and with her other hand pours a small pile of gravel: ‘ I do not know why you collect this but I noticed you did not quite manage to get some earlier at Gut Alley, so I got some for you. I hope it is what you wanted.’

Mollari thanks her and quickly pulls out another pouch to put the gravel in and labels it.

They leave the Skewered Dragon with the plan of coming around the back of Candle Lane and try to find a shorter building to climb up onto the roofs. Once in the alley by a suitable building Algrith hands out the armbands which he did a pretty good job with.

Xenya looks around for movement but she is somewhat distracted – perhaps pondering how her sausage ended up in a different pocket or maybe still concentrating on the nasty aftertaste left by the wine….Algrith sees she is not  paying attention and so looks around himself. When he is sure no one is around he nods to Mathos to ready the grapple hook and rope. Mathos looks at Xenya as he spins the grapple above his head, smiling an over confident smug grin and gives her a wink as he releases the rope enough to let the grapple fly up to the roof. He then pulls the rope gently until the grapple locks onto the roof and gives it a sharp tug to test it is secure.

Xenya, seeing the smugness in his grin, did not want to be impressed but there was no denying the skilful display was impressive. She smiles approvingly.

Mollari goes first. He is not the strongest of individuals, his climb falters a little occasionally, but he manages to make it up. Though he struggled a little in the climb he did so silently. Once up he looks around and notes that each building does indeed have an access door on the roof. He looks around for signs of people and when he is sure it is clear he leans over the side and gestures for the next person to climb up. He waits at the top readying his sling in case he sees anything of danger.

Algrith is next. Similar to Mollari, Algrith is not completely at home rope climbing. He struggles a little but again, silently. Next Xenya attempts the climb. She has noted the errors the previous 2 made and tries to improve. She manages to get up a little easier than the first 2 and very silently.

Lastly, Mathos launches himself up the rope. He kind of does a reverse absail, his upper body strength being such it is easy for him. But every time he puts his feet against the wall there is a thud so not quite so silently as the others.

They pull up the rope and Mathos puts it back in his bag. They all look around to check no one has seen them. They start walking with as much stealth as they can muster. Which results in Mollari, Algrith and Xenya quickly and silently gliding across the roofs. – Mathos, however, had not had his snickers and is far from quiet with each footstep. Luckily the buildings are all empty as everyone has finished for the night so no one hears his thunderous steps.

Once they reach the warehouse door Algrith checks the door for traps. It is locked. Mathos grips Tina, ready to smash the door.. Mollari sees this intent and quickly explains that Algrith is going to try unpick it. Unfortunately, it is a very sturdy lock and he cannot pick the lock.. Mathos smiles and says: ‘my turn?’. They agree to let him try but ask him to use his crowbar rather than his axe to keep the noise down. He is a little over zealous and he breaks the door open but not as quietly as they would like.  They quickly assemble themselves to jump on anyone that comes to investigate the noise. Xenya stands back readying her gas. Mathos and Algrith either side of the door and Mollari jumps up on top of the door. They all listen for footsteps. Mollari has his javelin out and is distracted by its craftmanship. Xenya is still pondering her sausage situation, checking it hasn’t changed pockets again. Mollari has made mental note that Xenya must not have wine before a job. Mollari is keeping his senses keen and after a few minutes is sure there is no disturbance been caused and conveys that to the group. Mathos says he will go first to which Xenya starts coughing and spluttering trying to get the attention of the others and shakes her head. Mollari looks over to her and she shakes her head, nods to Mathos and then runs her finger across her throat to try and suggest they will all die because he is loud but as Mollari looks at her then looks at Mathos and gips his javelin Xenya quickly realises the message was not understood and starts frantically jumping up and down shaking her head and making hand gestures for him to stop. Mollari is confused, Algrith is looking like he is regretting his decisions to be part of a group rather than solo and Mathos turns to look at what is going on. He looks at Xenya for a moment as she quickly pretends nothing is happening.. He pauses, grunts and starts heading through the door.

Mollari jumps off the door frame with grace and ease.

The group moves relatively quietly down a flight of stairs.

As they gather at the bottom of the stairs not fully entering the room, Mollari notices the alarm above a door at the far side of the room. He alerts the others and suggests there may be traps across the floor so they should approach with caution.

Algrith takes the lead checking for traps while Xenya starts concentrating and muttering a ritual spell to detect magic or magic items in the area.

As Algrith chooses what he feels is a safe path to the door. Mathos tries to mime to Algrith, once he reaches the door, to listen to hear someone on the other side. Algrith did not hear anything but to be honest his hair was covering his ear at the time. He gives the thumbs up to the team and signals for Mathos to come over as he realises, he cannot reach the alarm to disarm it.

Mathos, being as large as he is, attempts to quietly join Algrith. He follows the same path but is not as quiet as he would like to be. Once there Algrith explains he needs a boost.

Xenya finishes her spell and she steps into the room and sees absolutely zero sign of anything magic. The crates are not glowing and nor are doors and windows.

Mollari keeps watch on the stairs from where they first came and Xenya keeps watch of the stairs down to the ground floor. There is no movement behind from the roof. There is no movement from the ground floor stairs, however, Xenya does see Mathos grab Algrith and throw him up in the air and over his head! Algrith, not expecting to be thrown, does not manage a very graceful landing on his feet and falls back with a small thump. They pause all shocked for a moment and listen for signs that someone has heard them. A few minutes pass and no signs so they feel a bit more secure that the warehouse is possibly empty of people.

Algrith frowns at Mathos and they try again. This time Algrith expects to be dropped and lands gracefully and quietly like a gymnast finishing a near perfect dismount!

Mollari gestures to Xenya and whispers: ‘what are they doing?’

Xenya: ‘Failing, just failing – perhaps practising for a circus position?’

Mollari decides to start his way over and investigates the crates on the way. Xenya repositions to be able to see both up the stairs to the roof, the stairs from downstairs and makes her way towards the window so she can also glance down. She does her best to keep quiet and check for any traps on her way.

She sees no movement on the stairs and sees no movement outside the building through the window.

Mathos and Algrith, clearly frustrated with how difficult this easy task has become try a third time. This time Mathos just carefully lifts Algrith and pulls him up onto his shoulders and holds him steady. Algrith sees a cable coming out of the alarm and attempts to snip it as he is sure that will disarm it. There is no bell ringing and so he believes he is done. Mathos carefully lets him down. He checks the rest of the door for signs of a trap and seeing none, he carefully opens the door.

Meanwhile, Mollari tried to stealth over towards Mathos and Algrith, examining crates on his way. He feels he has been successfully stealthy, but the others all look around at him clearly hearing!

Algrith carefully walks into the room, which is empty, but there is a window. He also sees 2 more doors. He stealths to the window and looks out. He sees no movement and the other buildings he sees have no lights on. Algrith communicates this to Mathos who is just at the entrance to that small room. Mathos walks a little towards Mollari and Xenya and whispers that they have found a room and a further door. He carefully walks back the route already taken. Mollari finished looking in all the crates on the one side of room and finding nothing, walks back to the route already taken and continues towards Mathos and Algrith. Xenya decides to stay in the corner as she can check all potential danger areas whilst still seeing any of the team in the doorway.

Algrith goes to the first door, checks for traps and enters, much as he did previously. He sees a desk in the corner and goes to investigate. He finds some paperwork. It all seems legit cargo paperwork. He also finds 4 parchment unused parchment sheets which are actually paper birds.

Mollari makes his way to the window of the first room to inspect to see if it can be opened. It can be opened, it is a window.

Algrith finding nothing else of interest, pockets the paper bird and returns to the other room and the second door. He inspects and sees no traps and the door is not locked. He searches and finds nothing else of note. The desk is pretty much empty and no paperwork with any information of use. He goes back to Mollari and Mathos and explains what he has found although does not mention the paper bird.

They make their way to the stairs to the ground floor. They communicate to Xenya of their findings. ‘Legit looking paperwork’.

Before they start their way down the stairs Xenya wants to check the boxes on the lift and the 2 boxes next to it that were the only boxes Mollari did not check. She tries to do this quietly. She is not as quiet as she had hoped but there seems to be no response to the disturbance. There is nothing but packaging materials, so she realises the boxes have been prepped ready to go downstairs to be filled.

They start down the stairs. Mathos takes the lead, Xenya puts her head in her hands as he almost falls down the stairs and manages to hit every creaky step possible on the way down. He pauses and waits for a response from guards on the ground floor. There are no noises and so after a moment he signals for the others to join him. Algrith glides down the stairs silently. He checks the door for traps and finds nothing, and finds it is not even locked. He gently opens the door. Mollari follows down the stairs quickly and quietly. Xenya brings up the rear, her eyes focused until the last moment on the stairs to the roof.

They quietly step into the room peering around for any creatures.

They note the lift, stacks of crates, doors to the courtyard and to the street. Mathos just manages to get a glimpse of a creature hiding behind a stack of crates. It does not see Mathos but it is clearly trying to hide. It is wearing a Zhentarim armband and his clothes are ill fitting. It is very small and has bird like features. He thinks it is possibly a Kenku but he is not sure. He turns to the others as Mollari gestures to Xenya to come all the way down quietly. Mathos whispers to the group and explains what he sees. Mollari points out in case the others do not know, that if it is a Kenku, they cannot talk, only mimic what they have heard as they were cursed by their God. So, it may be difficult to get information from it but they may also relay important information so it may be worth trying to interrogate and not kill.

They prepare to engage with the intent of checking for other creatures and to restrain and not kill the Kenku.

Xenya pulls out a miniature cloak from a pouch on her belt and reaches out to Mathos and places her hand on his shoulder. She mutters some words and then explained she has given him Resistance.

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