Rahzon’s DM Journey

Experiences from the mind of David Jackman

So, when I was younger my mates from school lived a distance away from me so I did not really see them outside of school. This was bad because it meant that I could not do what I wanted to do – which was play games with my mates. I had fancied giving Dungeons and Dragons a go, but not had the people to play with, I settled for console gaming instead (which I still really enjoy and have gone into the elitist world of PC gaming as well as I have gotten older).

As an adult I have sort of coasted through gaming never really finding something that grabbed me. The closest exception could be World of Warcraft. I like immersive gaming and WoW gives you that, there are other fantasy games I own and play but WoW is the one I most put time into and have every expansion that has been released.

Then I started to work with a good friend of mine. We were chatting in the office one day about how we had always wanted to but never had the opportunity to play D&D. We joked about how it would be awesome to get a group together and give it ago. We spoke to a couple of others around the office (we work in software testing, so no shortage of our nerdy kin) and found a few people that were willing to give it a go with us. That was it then, the bug stuck.

We started our first campaign with my friend and DM for the group Phil running us through the beginnings of the starter campaign. It was not long before I had decided that I wanted to give DMing a go and I wanted to play more. We started a second group with me as DM.

Now I must make you all aware right now, I am as fresh to being a Dungeon Master as I am to playing Dungeons and Dragons. I mess things up all the time, but it is not an issue because my players are having fun which means I am having fun.

The links below (as I create the posts, I will link them below) will take you to pages of things I have found out in my short time as a DM, hopefully any new DMs or even new players will find some of it useful. The main advice I can give is be flexible and have fun.

I came across a question online about player a character that is possessed by a demon, this is a scenario I had thought about creating for a future character of my own. There is no set rulings on this, so I have taken bits from different places and created a possible ruling for how to play/use it here – Rules for PCs possessed by a demon in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Universe

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