The Night Before Wintermas

A free campaign found here

DM – David Jackman


Anyaenka – Kerry Jackman, May Tee – Phil Dawson, Falanyr Duskleaf – Mark Ayers, Ah-Do-Rah II – Danny Lock


The story takes place with a group of adventurers being engaged in service by a morally suspect toy company wishing them to infiltrate Santa’s workshop, find out how he is able to produce so many toys to give out for free and put a stop to it.

The initial setting is arriving in the small town that homes the toy company. The campaign has been well written and is full of funny scenarios for the DM to make the most of starting with great RP for a very disinterested secretary who clearly does not want to be working and has seen a fair few would be adventurers trying to engage in the contract and failing.

Once engaged in the contract the group can look around town in the few shops and when ready would be teleported to just outside the North Pole.

I wish we had recorded our Christmas one-shots but as they were designed as one shots with throw away characters, we did not keep a campaign diary, but David did such a good job as quite a new DM in adding a lot of humour all the way through.

We battled Killer snowman and Paindeer (rather nasty looking reindeer)…. On the lead up to this campaign, I was the brunt of a lot of jokes…. If you have read any of my other posts you will know, I have issues playing anything but a version of good, have to be a hero and struggle killing anything of an innocent nature… I kept re-iterating to my husband, David, and the other players that I will have a strop if I have to kill a reindeer or a cute gnome. . I was assured I would not have to kill a reindeer and I was relieved at the description of the Paindeer as they did not instantly tug at my heart strings… I kind of had a sad face after killing snowmen when they left a sad carrot nose and some coal buttons in the puddle of their destroyed body!

On reaching Santa’s Grotto, it was quite abandoned but the various buildings had a number of fun things to engage in and clues as to what has happened to the helper ‘gnomes’. SPOLIERS: there was a huge Christmas Tree in the centre of the village with many wrapped presents underneath it… Ah-doh-Rah II spent most of our time here unwrapping presents while the rest of us tried to figure out the puzzles before us.. He ended up with some really amazing but also totally useless treasure…such as a Wand Of Magic detection – it glows when anything magic is within 50FT (INCLUDING ITSELF!). … I managed to get the wonderous item : Scroll Of Mass Confusion. It is a scroll that seems extremely powerful. You need a DC Intelligence of +50 to decipher it!

The final battle scenario means you have to get to Santa himself. . We tried to do this with stealth of course but May Tee (the most annoyingly happy character ever written – excited by everything! And who was actually conning us all with her annoying happiness) had a critical fail roll here and as she stepped through the door to Santa’s room she literally sucked all the noise from the universe to only expel it all as she stepped into the room!

I wont divulge too much here but Santa was being controlled by something and was not the Santa you would expect. He put all the helper gnomes under a spell and had them working away in a kind of trance. He was powerful… and frustrating in how he would repeatedly ruin our fight plans but one of his spells he would use the seated gnomes as a telekinetic missile, picking the up and spinning them violently before releasing them with force towards his target… I do not know if I was crying with laughter throughout this encounter or crying at the thought of these poor little gnomes being spun and launched into the walls.

This campaign had a lot of scope for props and fun additions. It came with some great maps and aids for the DM which you can find if you look at the link at the top of the page of the campaign. David did a great job and we had some physical props like candy canes and potions and such. The only thing I would do if I was in charge was perhaps actually bake the special cookies that formed part of the puzzle… The down side to that is we had May-Tee (Phil) testing them all and so he may well have been quite sick after trying so many!

I think this is a campaign that will appeal to new players and New DMs in particular but even seasoned players if they want just a non stressful fun one off in the lead up to the festive season. I feel this one is better if you do not take yourself too seriously!

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