Played by Sam Philpott

Mathos’ Orc father raped and took a human woman as a slave from a Barbarian tribe. She gave birth to Mathos but she died when Mathos was very young at the hand of his father.

Mathos had to become strong and compete daily with the other Orcs, using strength and cunning as his tools, vowing revenge for his mothers death! His Father was high up in the Orc pecking order, which allowed Mathos some perks, so to speak, he was allowed to learn weapon skills and learn to be a warrior. This was his Fathers undoing as Mathos had his long awaited revenge!

Due to his Fathers status, his allies hunted Mathos and he had to flee for his life, eventually finding his way to his long dead mothers Tribe where, after a time he was accepted as one of them due to his bloodline tie.

Mathos proved his worth becoming a respected and powerful Barbarian warrior. He left one day to hunt for a dangerous beast that was preying upon the tribes children in the night, draining their blood as they slept, only to return after some nights hunting to find his people massacred by his old Orc family Tribe, they had been searching for him all that time to have their own revenge upon him.

Without a tribe and an outcast from his Orc family, he hunted the Orcs and their children down, killing them one by one as he found them, wiping thier tribe from existance.

What is left for him now is a life of a Bounty Hunter and Wanderer, Warrior for hire, earning his own place in the world that he can call his own!

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