Inquisitor Mollari

Played by Phil Dawson

From the day he was born Mollari was different from his Kin, experiments with strong magic items near eggs are often considered a failure; Mollari was no exception. Usually these failures result in unhatched eggs, the ones which do are often deformed in horrifying ways, a few result in larger spawn, more capable of fighting than the average Kobold; and fewer still are fortunate enough to be touched by the arcane. Mollari, was none of these things, weak, undersized, and in almost every other way; underwhelming. What made him unique was not his physical prowess, or any arcane essence in his blood, it was the contents of Mollari’s head.

Mollari was a quick study when it came to mechanisms, able to quickly learn the process of assembling traps. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for his grasp of weapons, of course he quickly learnt how to assemble them; but their utilisation always eluded him. Many societies value wit, wisdom and cunning, Kobolds are no exception, but unlike so many others, they do not value the acquisition of knowledge, instead favouring to increase their holdings; in both physical treasures, and territory.

Due to his small size, and poor use of weaponry, Mollari found himself held in low esteem by his tribe. He tried to display his prowess in the construction of traps, and other mechanical devices, but these roles are held by those of higher esteem, thus he was relegated to the role of scout; to protect the colony from external incursion. One fateful day, several dozen humans invaded the tunnels of his tribe, they had established a village nearby in the previous cycle, and although the Kobolds had lived in the caves peacefully for many cycles, the humans did not want the Kobolds living in “Their Territory”; and so they attacked. They made many mistakes, but there biggest was assuming they were smarter than the Kobolds, that may be true in many ways, but the tunnels were the Kobold’s home, the earth is the Kobold’s domain; a lesson the Humans learned the hard way.

There initial attack was short lived, many were killed by his tribe’s arrows and spears, more still fell to their traps, some managed to lose their way in the dark; never to return. The elders declared them a nuisance at best, and so the village was ignored, Kobolds do not do well on the surface world; that was the Kobold’s biggest mistake. The next attack came several weeks later, but it was not a few dozen humans, not even an army, but 5 creatures of various races, this group of mercenaries were brutal, efficient, and cunning. They peeled back the Kobolds defences layer by layer, until they finally reached the colony, the glee with which they dispatched Mollarii’s Kin was sickening. Most of his tribe fled, desperate to save the unhatched and young, some stood their ground to aid in evacuation; all were cut down in short order.

Mollarii did not flee, nor did he fight, for Mollarii is no fool, he may be weak in body; but his mind is sharp. He used the traps he had devised and built, luring each of these “Hero’s” to their demise, one by one they chased him, and one by one they failed; until a single Gnome remained. Believing Mollarii cornered he drew his spear, aware his allies were missing he was cautious, using it to attack Mollarii from range, it was a good throw, and nimble as Mollarii was; the head still found purchase as it grazed him. Mollarii collapsed to the ground in pain, clutching the weapon that had struck him; he approached to “put Mollarii down, like the scum he is”. That was his biggest, and final, mistake.

After returning to the tunnels his colony had once called home Mollarii found them quiet, lifeless, still, you could not move without stepping in what remained of so many of his Kin. Mollarii realised then what he had always known, he was not like his tribe, not like any of his Kin, his intellect, knowledge and imagination had saved his life that day; he knew he could not return to the simple duties of a scout.

Mollarii left his Kin behind, and went out into the world above, but not before stopping at the human village. He gathered supplies to manufacture chemicals, and used them to burn the village to ash, with nowhere to live, the humans were forced to leave; and what remained of Mollarii’s Kin would be safe for a short time, wherever they now dwelled.

On Mollarii’s travels he moved quietly, learning that he could blend in more easily at night, and with a little work, could easily be mistaken for Dragonborn spawn. Mollarii sold the potions and chemicals he produced to less savoury individuals, in exchange for fair coin. As he continued to learn, he eventually discovered the location of a great repository of knowledge, somewhere in the turnstone hills!

Upon arrival, Mollarii was of course unwelcome, but he offered his services, and over time one of their number began to show interest in him, she wanted to know more of his kind; they had little recorded knowledge of Mollarii’s Kin. He offered her all of the information he could, as she learnt about Mollarii’s society, their rituals and beliefs, she eventually enquired the reason for his presence at the Monastery. Understanding that Mollarii had no place within his own tribe, and that his Kin are unwelcome in most areas of the world, she took pity on him, and agreed to train Mollarii in her spare time; provided he continued to perform his duties for the monastery.

Where before Mollarii’s limited strength was a burden, here it was his agility that was of use, and although he could not use the Kama that the monastery had taken as there chosen weapon; Mollarii found he could easily wield the spear which had once been beyond me. As Mollarii grew, others took interest in him; the unusual creature in their midst.

The elders were concerned, the monastery’s traditions were already misunderstood, and a creature such as Mollarii may draw further concern. They decided that it was “too great a risk” for him to remain, but appreciated the complexity of Mollarii’s situation, the services he had provided, and the information he had divulged on the habits of his Kin.

They granted Mollarii the rank of Inquisitor, a relic from the distant past, for one who should venture into the world, to gather information on behalf of the Monastery; and to continue to grow my skills. His orders are as follows:
• Due to the dark nature of his Kin, he must not allow his decisions to be guided by his emotions; but instead use logic, reason and law.
• To continue his studies in general, to secure any knowledge relevant to the Monastery and report back these findings.
• Keep them regularly apprised of his situation, journey, and any contacts which may prove useful.

To aid him, Mollarii has been given a symbol of the order, which he wears on a beaded necklace around his neck. This should be used to seal any documents he send to the Monastery, and may be used to prove his association. Mollarii was warned to conceal it in the presence of monks from other Monastery’s, as his order is viewed with suspicion, concern, and mistrust.

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