Algrith Giantfeet

Played by Mathew England

Born to a long line of Blacksmiths, Algrith grew up learning the blacksmithing trade.

Tragedy struck Algrith’s family when his sister went missing .
Algrith left his family to search for her , carrying with him an ornate broach that belonged to her.

Algrith searched for years , and covered a huge distance of land, learning skills that kept him alive. He took on small ‘jobs’ in order to earn money to live on whilst on his search. On occasion he had to acquire money and supplies in a non-lawful manner and found that he had a natural skill in theiving. Algrith did what he needed to survive and finance his search.

After years of searching and finding nothing, no clue at all to his sister’s disappearance, Algrith settled just outside the city of Hilsfar where he was befriended by a group of smugglers and taught their skills.

Hillsfar is the City of Trade. However, the Great Law of Trade only protects “legitimate” trade, trade that passes through the city’s sole gate, which the Red Plumes monitor and tax. And the Great Law of Humanity banishes non- humans from the city altogether. The two Great Laws create great demand and great risk for smugglers, who shepherd illicit goods and non-humans into and out of the city by secret routes. The Rogues Guild tightly controls all of this activity, taking its cut from sanctioned jobs and exacting punishment for independent jobs.

Algrith and his crew traffic Dragon’s Breath (a brandy-like liquor) and valuables to avoid tariffs or contraband to avoid seizure,whilst remaining undetected himself, from the guards, being that Algrith is a non-human.

Algrith has contacts in the smuggling community who can help him slip into and out of the city unnoticed, for a price.

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