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Here you will find all the information regarding our journey through various campaigns and one shots that we hole throughout the year

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How it went

Well, what can I say? They broke my game!!! A few things I had not anticipated. They pushed the limits of their abilities and basically were able to bypass alot of things. The Yugoloths were just over powered to be in this sort of environment ,without putting some more restrictions on their abilities. I realised... Continue Reading →

Other planning

I had an idea to have some puzzle rooms that would reveal more treasures. I purchased some wooden geometric puzzles and cut holes in the back of their box to the shape of each completed puzzle, then painted it t look like stone. If the players roll high enough investiagtion they will see a key... Continue Reading →

The Cavern maps

So I decided that this should be a campaign to re -run. The myriad of caverns are on multiple levels and apart from a series of the last 4 'rooms/ areas', the players can choose to go in any of the entrances and can come accross a multitude of npcs. The first half of the... Continue Reading →

The Opposition Monsters

Daniel had a nice selection of Monsters for this campaign, most of which I am including but also felt I needed some interesting features and characters. Firstly the Caverns have quite a nest of Kobolds. The main nest being near the goal but there will be some packs of 2-4 dotted around various tunnels and... Continue Reading →

Cali’s Yugoloth One Shot – Update

Sadly, due to real life commitmments, my Yugoloth one shot had to be postponed to October. It has finally been booked for the 26th October 2019 and will be part of David's birthday celebration. I am creating all my npc sheets and working on the various caverns and layouts and will be uploading them in... Continue Reading →

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